New iPhone 6 design steps up to 5.5-inch display


Leaks and rumors are already swirling about the iPhone 6 and many of us are waiting to see what Apple brings to the table with the next premium handset. For some time there has been talk of an iPhone 6 with two sizes of display, a 4.7-inch version that will come first with a 5.5-inch variety appearing later. Now we have an iPhone 6 design to share that shows a 5.5-inch concept idea.

Regular Phones Review readers may remember an iPhone 6 render that we shared a week or so ago from SET Solution. This was a 4.7-inch vision of the phone based on realistic ideas from leaks so far. Now the same design team have taken this a step further with the larger phablet sized iPhone 6 represented in this new concept.

This new design has used the 4.7-inch version as a reference, with the 5.5-inch variant having a QHD display resolution of 2560 x 1440 with a pixel density of 538ppi. The dimensions this new iPhone 6 render are 140.87mm x70.25mm x8.87mm. The YouTube video that you can see below this story shows the new 5.5-inch iPhone 6 up against the 4.7-inch render for comparison. The latest design comes in silver, gold or space gray color options.

When you’ve checked out the video below it would be interesting to hear your opinions about this latest iPhone 6 design. Would you like to see something like this for the real 5.5-inch iPhone, if it eventually appears?


3 thoughts on “New iPhone 6 design steps up to 5.5-inch display”

  1. J- R.o.c. says:

    Yessssss I’ll get the iPhone if it came with a 5.5 inch screen. Hope it has a bigger camera, say a dual two way 10 to 12 mega pixel rotating lens camera with a 8 mega pixel front facer with flash on the back & front. Along with bigger & better new things that’ll make it quite interesting to buy. Never had an iPhone but if it has that kinda size on this device I’ll break my bank to buy!!

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