Samsung Galaxy S4 fourfold success over HTC One in first two months


The Samsung Galaxy S4 and original HTC One both released last year and received widespread admiration as top-end smartphones. There were plenty of fans for each device, with many feeling that their chosen device was the best, as we often noticed in comments to our articles from readers. It’s easy to imagine that they may have sold equally well, so you may be surprised to learn that the Samsung Galaxy S4 obtained fourfold success over the HTC One in the first two months of availability.

As Samsung is the dominant force in Android smartphones we would always have imagined that the Galaxy S4 would outsell the HTC One (M7). However, until now we hadn’t imagined just how much more popular the Galaxy S4 was. It’s now reported that in its initial two months on sale the Galaxy S4 achieved sales of 20 million units, outstripping the HTC One, which achieved sales of 5 million units in its first two months of availability.

Interestingly in the Bloomberg report on sales of the Samsung and HTC flagships in 2013, it’s noted that the iPhone 5 that released in September 2012, sold 5 million units in just the first 3 days of its availability. Recently the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 have both released. so it will be interesting to see how the same sales figures compare, although the Galaxy S5 could be even more dominant, considering HTC’s current struggles.

Are you surprised by the sheer overwhelming victory for sales of the Samsung Galaxy S4 over the original HTC One? Do you think that will be reflected in the figures for sales of the new flagships this year?

Source: Bloomberg
Via: Phone Arena


2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 fourfold success over HTC One in first two months”

  1. Thomas Kristensen says:

    Samsung Galaxy is for the masses but HTC One is for those who want a premium device 🙂
    Just wait, when more people get the eye for HTC. We will see a increase in sale 🙂

  2. blackmarket says:

    Remember that vzw didn’t carry htc one, m7,until 5 months after release, and to say that the comparison was done on the first two months, well? The s4 had no competition on vzw until late august.

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