HTC Desire 310 review verdict could disappoint


The HTC Desire 310 is an entry-level smartphone that has recently released for different regions of the world including India. Even though this dual SIM phone is aimed at the lower end of the market it still has a quad-core processor, but the price may not be as cheap as some might expect. Today we have an HTC Desire 310 review that may not give the verdict you’re hoping for.

We’ve recently shown an unboxing of the Desire 310 with an overview of the phone, and now this review will give you an even better idea. The YouTube video below this story comes from Phone Arena and starts with a look at the design and build of the phone. It goes on to cover the key aspects of the device including display, user interface, camera, call quality and more.

It has to be said that there’s a fair amount of criticism in this review and ultimately the reviewer feels the price of the phone is too much for what it offers, suggesting alternatives that are felt to offer a better experience. When you’ve looked at the video under this article we’d be interested in hearing from you. Were you thinking of buying the HTC Desire 310, and if so, has the review made you have second thoughts?

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