Spy Cam Peek-I smartphone accessory for candid shots


From time to time we like to look at interesting accessory ideas and projects. Today we have details of the Spy Cam Peek-I smartphone accessory, which some people will feel is a great idea while others may not be so sure!

This accessory is the subject of a current Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and the target has already been surpassed. There was a $1000 goal and at the time of writing the sum of $21,823 has been raised, with 19 days still left to go.

The Peek-I attaches to the top of a smartphone camera lens and can rotate. This enables the user to take candid photographs of those around them discretely, as the phone doesn’t need to be aiming in the direction of the target. If you want to pre-order a Peek-I you can do so for just $15 for one unit or $25 for two. A VIP gold or silver looking version is also on offer for $30.

We feel this a really neat accessory that could be a big success. However, while it would be great for capturing great shots of loved ones when they’re not posing for the camera, it does make us wonder if it could be open to misuse for other shots! Do you like the idea of the Spy Cam Peek-I accessory for smartphones?

Source: Indiegogo
Via: Phone Arena


One thought on “Spy Cam Peek-I smartphone accessory for candid shots”

  1. Tzctplus - says:

    This is a scam. Those people are taking money and are not delivering the product or giving refunds.

    Also Indiegogo is doing precious little to help people recover their money.

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