LG G2 Android KitKat update problems reported


We may now know when this year’s model will be launched but the LG G2 remains a popular handset among fans of Android, but there are problems being reported following the Android 4.4.2KitKat update for the LG G2.

The LG G2 Android 4.4 KitKat update has slowly been making its way around the world and more recently arrived for owners of the device on the Verizon Wireless network in the US. It seems though that a growing number of users have been reporting issues since installing the new firmware.

These problems are not restricted to the US though and have been coming in across the globe after originally thought to be focussed on the Verizon LG G2. One of the most common issues seems to be users losing their data connection on LTE networks, while others have complained about the level of brightness on the display now being lower.

Battery life seems to be poorer on the LG G2 since the firmware update was installed with some users complaining of a lot less time in between charges now.

Have you had any problems since updating your LG G2 to Android KitKat?

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45 thoughts on “LG G2 Android KitKat update problems reported”

  1. Olly Be says:

    no problem for me since update now my battery is improve with LTE on am using the unlock un branded version so no carrier bloatware maybe that could be the problem with the G2

  2. savage says:

    Messaging is absolutely atrocious after the update as well, extremely slow and crashes constantly. They really dropped the ball with this update

  3. miner.dl says:

    My G2 had been running KitKat for a couple of months now, running Cyanogenmod. It’s very stable, never loses signal and I generally go 2 days between battery charges. Only instability I encounter is that sometimes Swype will freeze and restart, but that’s hardly OEM software. I never have problems with other keyboard apps (Google, Hacker’s Keyboard, etc).

  4. joseph says:

    I’ve had some problems, mainly freezing; a few times during messaging. Also gesture typing seems glitchier. I have never had to restart my phone before the update, several times since.

  5. Jessica Bowers says:

    My Batter life stinks, my keyboard almost always crashes during longer messages, I’m sure it will during,this one.. My Swype feature is delayed as well. Take it back Android, take it back!

  6. Daren Bukator says:

    Definitely noticed the difference in screen brightness. I went to brighten my screen in the sunlight only to find that it was already at 100%.

  7. Junie Galvan says:

    Camera folks! The camera! I’d rather choose the previous version, which is the jelly bean for the camera quality than the kitakat’s version!

    1. HarvesterX says:

      Gotta agree on XDA…, I did some development in the G2 section a while back when I was using my rooted g2 (had KitKat on that one for age), but haven’t rooted my replacement G2 due to apps I’m using (yeah I can get around that,…just been too lazy I guess with all going on lol), which makes fixing issues a lot more difficult.

      However, I haven’t had any issues with the OTA. Battery life was odd the first few days but it’s back to where it should be. Nothing is keeping a wakelock on for extended periods of times (except the charging service which doesn’t really matter because it’s only on while the phone is being charged.

      There’s always gonna be people who have issues arise and sometimes they are OTA related, sometimes they just appear (or get noticed) at the same time the OTA is installed, or user related.


  8. vitamin says:

    my texting have been affected. After every other messages sent, the app stalls for almost a minute before sending the next one. And this is on the stock messaging app and Hangout.

  9. Alexis Pappas says:

    Yeah I have a worse battery life, and had an issue all of the sudden that my phone couldn’t send or receive picture messages about 2 days after the update. I called tech support and we ended up having to factory reset my phone! I love this phone, but I would honestly really enjoy having a good battery life

  10. Wolfe says:

    I have it for sprint and its been great. My battery damn near doubled its life. Screen still bright. Only disadvantage is spark/3g no more 4g that I had everywhere and spark is nowhere so I spend $20 extra a month on 4g(data) and dont get it. But that was due to the update prior to kitkat anyway

  11. Welttiger says:

    I’m on Verizon and have all the problems mentioned in the article. Also, have notice that when using Skype and the speaker, I can hardly hear the other person.

  12. Cliff Hartle says:

    Had it for a few weeks on Verizon. Battery life slightly to moderately improved, no other issues. I never liked auto brightness so not an issue.

  13. mrsparky says:

    I have the updated for a week (Verizon) and did not notice any problems. I did however reset the phone before taking the OTA update, so it was a clean install. I never liked the brightness auto adjustment on this phone. I am using the Lux Lite app from the app store and it works great. Short battery life is/was the best spec of this phone. If they mess this up it really sucks

  14. Edvard says:

    My International version G2 (32GG) works perfectly fine with KitKit. Must mainly be a US Verizon problem.

    Battery life last just over a day with ‘heavy’ use – about 2 hours internet time (Fb/twitter etc), 5 hours spotfiy streaming. So again, no real change for me.

  15. guest says:

    Battery life is down at least 20-30%. WiFi will be off but symbol will show trying to connect. Only fix has been reboot. Google Maps will not lock on to GPS location although GPS apps will. Screen seems about the same but shows a higher battery drain than before. U.S. version…Verizon….phone only a few months old…Updated via utility program.

  16. Toni says:

    I had the same problem with battery draining after updating to Kitkat. Since then I have rebooted my phone twice and it seems to help a lot. My phone has gone back to normal as before with at least 15 hours normal to heavy use. May be just by luck, but try this simple trick to see if it would help.

  17. Victor says:

    Battery Draining, Screen dimmer, I have rebooted my phone, also texting affected, previously able to use 3rd party app with no problem, now those text msgs are being rcvd in both the app I am using and stock text app..

  18. mas says:

    Widgets sometimes stop working and wont update themself… even the factory music player wont update (the buttons on the widgets work , but the title and image of the song stays the same)

  19. Xeneath says:

    My battery life would normally last all day and go down about 20 to 25 percent and today ater the update i dont have any battery life this update is terrible!

  20. Paul Murray says:

    I have the T-Mobile LG-G2-D801. The phone actually performs much better on KitKat than it ever did on JellyBean. I also had an AT&T D800 until about a month ago. It also was much better with KitKat. They both had serious battery drain under JellyBean, that all corrected with KitKat. I have not experienced data drops, either.

  21. MossbergShottie says:

    It seems the problems vary from phone to phone.. My phone takes longer to make a call. I have the G2 on ATT..After I dial a number and hit send, its like the screen goes black for a few seconds, then it dials out.. sometimes it just completely freezes. Also, my Wifi connection sucks now. My phone will be connected to my network, but it thinks there is no internet connection. And it just happens randomly and is frustrating. I would be browsing the web, then all of a sudden it will say “You are offline”. have to turn wifi off, then back on to get it work again. Never had this problem before the update. Also my phone would just randomly lose connection to the LTE network. The signal bars and ATT logo disappear and a red X shows up. Then it will reconnect after a few seconds. They FAILED with this update. You never see anything like this with iOS

  22. Elvis says:

    Since this upgrade of Android to 4.4.2 on my LG G2 at the end of March, I have directly noticed a dramatic drop in the battery life time between 2 charge moments. The battery life time got remarcable poorer!!. And actually, it was the good battery life time that formed one of teh arguments for me to buy this phone due to my many long travelling hours… And just that power of this phone has gone now.
    Does anyone know if there is a solution (in the making) for this issue?
    With thanks in Advance,

  23. KAT says:

    So so terrible it makes me want to cry. My phone is pretty much useless now between the constant overheating, battery drain, texting lag, data connection issues, general touchscreen lag and more… I went through four phones with Verizon both of us blaming the phone. When really it was this stupid update. I got this phone so excited for the extreme upgrade from my previous phone and this update has ruined it. I was delaying this update on this yet again replacement because I knew of the issues and even when I set the time for update to be at least 15 hours ahead, it updated in my sleep. So now I’m stuck with the damn thing. I really REALLY hope many bug fixes are coming soon like within a month soon because in a technology based world having a phone that simply doesn’t work simply doesn’t cut it.

  24. Reed Holmes says:

    Same battery issues here in Canada. The main reason I got the G2 was for battery life. Now it’s worse than my iPhone after the iOS 7 update. Sucks.

  25. O.rly says:

    Weather app is not working, battery life sucks, same for brightness. God. It’s a good phone, was bought BECAUSE of its battery and speed. How can you ruin it that much? You blew it!

  26. Cody Afk says:

    me and my mom both have an lgg2(t-mobile) we have had our phones since december and the phones worked great but after the update we both have been having issues with ours phones, we have experienced: random freezes(forcing us to reset our phones), random data connection loss( we end up having to restart the data connection at least once a day, we live New York and we have very good cell reception), when im connected to my wifi my phone will randomly lose connection(it would claim im “Not connected to the internet)(its not my ISP because ive had them for years and i have had no issues with any other devices), another thing ive noticed it when we make a call the phone go’s to a black screen and takes some extra time just to dial(this was not the case before the update),and in the new update they removed the aspect ratio correction for the apps, and now some of my apps are zoomed in or zoomed out and i have no way of fixing it(before the update i was able to go into the phone settings and fix the ratio). we love our phones we paid full price and expect a good service and we expect our phones to work good,at the very least the phone could work right for the first year,these problems are effecting us both(we have only a few apps on our phone and plenty of space).we hope you can figure something out because each day we are dealing with these issues and its only getting more annoying, sooner or later we will have no choice but getting rid of the phone for one that works.

  27. zec says:

    Random drops in data connection sence day I bought it. And it becomes more often and often and now I don’t have data connection at all… shame on you LG, you are not able to solve basic phone issue as data connection…

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