Samsung Galaxy S5 extended battery Mugen and ZeroLemon pre-orders


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is now readily available for many buyers who may now be thinking of purchasing various accessories for it. Now Samsung Galaxy S5 extended battery accessory pre-orders have opened from two of the most reputable makers, Mugen Power and ZeroLemon, with shipping beginning this month.

The Galaxy S5 has a 2800 mAh battery included and while this may be perfectly adequate for some, there will be some heavy users who need a bit more juice. The MugenPower 2950mAh Slim Extended Battery for the Galaxy S5 is now available to order with a price of $44.50 and shipping from May 23.

ZeroLemon is another well-known accessory maker and is offering a 7500 mAh battery pack (pictured below). The extra capacity here will be great for many although it does mean that the back cover of the S5 has to be swapped for one that comes with the ZeroLemon set to accommodate the added size. It will also make your phone significantly weightier, but if you can get past that the ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S5 TriCell Armor 7500 mAh Extended Battery + Black TriCell TPU Case is priced at $49.99 with shipping from May 14.

You may also be interested in a Brando battery case for the Galaxy S5 that we previously informed readers about. You can head to the sources below to pre-order either of these Mugen or ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S5 battery accessories. Do you favour the slim extended battery from Mugen, or are you willing to put up with the extra heft with the ZeroLemon extended battery for a larger capacity?

Sources: MugenPower AND ZeroLemon
Via: Phone Arena

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