Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 and reasons not to buy


No matter how good a certain smartphone is there will always be some features that don’t go down so well with users, and today we have a video looking at the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 and what isn’t liked about the device with reasons not to buy.

We have had a few videos recently covering the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 comparing the smartphone with other devices, but today’s YouTube video is concentrating on the device itself and things that are liked by the reviewer.

First up the price of the handset is discussed with the opinion that it is too expensive, and the display isn’t liked. It isn’t as good as the AMOLED offerings from the company and it has poor viewing angles.

The processor set up is discussed which also isn’t liked but check out the rest of the video and tell us if you agree with the opinion of the person in the video about the Galaxy Grand 2.


7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 and reasons not to buy”

  1. Basil Mohmed says:

    this is by far the creepiest review ive ever come across. it seems like this guy is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. there isnt a single thing good about grand2 for the reviewer, from the hardware, software, design, even the colour ‘ SUCKS ‘ for this guy. he keeps saying sucks while not clearly stating why it sucks. even my kid sometimes behave this way when she is sulking. .. how can you compare a grand 2 with s5 ….lol…. it sucks …I am a proud owner of a grand 2 , which is more than even I expected for a $ 400 phablet. yes amoled screens are better, but is there any other phone with quad core 1.2 ghz , 1.5 gb ram, 2.25 screen, an excellant 8 mp camera availabe for just 400 bucks….sucks lol

  2. ash4u2 says:

    I would rate it as 8 out of 10 as I am using it for 3 months now….The camera is fine. The features are good for the price of 21k. BTW the screen is the best part…very good. These are the facts….rest all who say negative things are bullshit people.

  3. I want to but grand2 because of its screen n battery life. Is the camera quality so poor? phone do u guys prefer for a good display and camera at this price range? Please suggest

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