Samsung Galaxy S5 Active vs Galaxy S5 features compared


Just like last year Samsung has started to provide us with different versions of its latest flagship smartphone as we look at the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active vs. Galaxy S5, and the features compared.

As expected a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active has been announced for US carrier AT&T, but unlike last year the Active model isn’t such a compromise when compared to the standard model. The specifications are largely the same including the IP rating of the device, but the Active also has MIL-spec 810G certification meaning it is also shock proof.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active has also done away with the fingerprint scanner but it has an extra button on the side for what is being called the “Activity Zone”, which is somewhere that activity related features can be stored.

Otherwise we have the same 5.1-inch Full HD display with a quad core 2.5GHz processor and 2GB of RAM under the hood, while running Android 4.4.2 KitKat straight from the box. The handset is priced at $199.99 with a two year contract or unlocked it will set you back a cool $714.99.

Those purchasing the handset now up to July 24th will get a saving of $50 on the Samsung Gear Fit, and this comes after we keep hearing rumours of a Galaxy S5 Prime being in the pipeline.

Will you get the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active?

Source: AT&T.


2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 Active vs Galaxy S5 features compared”

  1. log says:

    No I won’t!
    I am completely pissed off with Samsung after I have just paid 550 quid for the s5
    I now hear that the far superior s5 prime is only weeks away!
    I will never buy another samsung device ever again which to my calculation means samsung have just lost about 50 grand off me!
    Vote with your wallets, don’t let these clowns rip us off any more!

    1. dan828 says:

      How were you ripped off? Because Samsung came out with a new model that you want? Do you feel ripped of when the people that make your car come out with a new model?

      Basically, a new model is always in the pipeline, so by your logic, you are being ripped off any time you make a purchase

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