iPhone 5C, 5S visual fix for cracked screen


Some of us are more careful than others with our mobile devices, but many of us will know how easy it is to damage the screen on a smartphone. This often then involves a trip to have it repaired or sending it off and being without the device for a while, but there are ways of fixing the problem yourself. Today we have an iPhone 5C and 5S visual fix for cracked screens that will help you if you decide to attempt the job.

We have two videos embedded beneath this article that show how do to this, and the first YouTube video is an iPhone 5S screen repair done in 11 minutes. The tutorial begins with detailing the equipment that you’ll need before going on to show how to lift the screen from the frame. The method looks pretty complex but the instructions on the video are clear and accompanied by close-ups showing exactly what to do, along with text for extra help.

If you follow the video step-by-step you’ll soon be replacing your damaged display, although we should point out that if you try this you do so at your own risk and it’s your own responsibility if anything goes wrong. If you need more details of where to get the required tools or replacement screens you can find links at the YouTube source above.

The second YouTube video below shows how to repair an iPhone 5C cracked screen and this is obviously a bit easier as the video is only 3-minutes long. While there are some readers who will be quite willing to try this for themselves, we don’t recommend it if you are at all unsure. However, these video tutorials are certainly clear if you have the confidence to give it a go, and we’d advise watching them all the way through before you start the attempt.

Do you have an iPhone 5S or 5C with a cracked display, and if so will you try to fix it for yourself?

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