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If you’re a customer of Orange you may be one of the many people affected by unwanted text messages arriving from the mobile carrier. The texts concern the Magic Numbers service that offers users free calls to favourite Orange Mobile and Orange Broadband Wireless and Talk numbers. Today we have some information from EE on stopping Orange Mobile Magic Numbers messages.

It’s easy for users to set up and control Magic Numbers from their Orange mobile accounts, and the service can also be managed by a My EE app. This all sounds great until something goes wrong, and this weekend some users have been plagued by Orange Mobile UK text message spam, reminding them that they can add another magic number.

If the messages only arrived once that would be fair enough, but the EE Community forums are full of posts from people say they are receiving the message multiple times. The issues are also gaining plenty of attention on Twitter. The Orange Mobile UK problems have been acknowledged by EE, with a message posted yesterday by a team member reading —

“If you’ve received any of these duplicate messages, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. Remember: you’re not charged to receive magic number reminders.

Our team is working on a fix that will stop any further instances of multiple reminders happening. We’re expecting an additional update on this fix tomorrow. I’ll post here as soon as I have further details.”

As of now there doesn’t appear to be any further information on this and if you head to the EE Community forums link below you’ll see how much frustration this is causing to customers. Some are reporting receiving the messages dozens of times a day, either in blocks or randomly throughout the day.

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until EE finds a fix for this Magic Numbers text issue, but in the meantime we’d like to hear from readers who are having this problem to get an idea of how widespread it is. Have you been having this Orange Mobile UK text problem? If so, are the messages still arriving today or do they appear to have stopped? Let us know with your comments.

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14 thoughts on “EE on stopping Orange Mobile Magic Numbers”

  1. Dan says:

    Been receiving these texts since Saturday. Still getting them now about every 10-30 mins. This is getting very frustrating as i’m getting at least 20 a day.
    I’ve now had to put my phone on full silent to stop it constantly vibrating, ending up in me missing calls and actual texts from friends/family. Hopefully they’ll sort this out soon as it should never have lasted this long!!!
    This is just another reason on top of a long list as to why I’m changing network as soon as possible. EE have completely ruined the Orange network ever since the merge. Very disappointed…

  2. Kernow King says:

    Have been pagues since Friday, now up to 33 messages all at random times. And what are Orange doing about it………….”Sorry”. How about we bombard there customer services number after they fix it to say “its fixed”. For days just join the qeue and put the phone down!

  3. fred says:

    Also getting texts early in morning and late at night 33 so far since Friday – tried to phone customer services but impossible to get through to speak to person – it cut me off twice. Appalling customer service and lack of any information from any named senior staff member.

  4. acamrr@msn.com says:

    I’ve had the same experience I’m now using an sms blocker to stop the texts, loads are available but I’m using easy blocker.

  5. Jacky T says:

    I received about 30 yesterday, was woken at 7.26am this morning by one, and have received 6 so far today. I have tried to text STOP but it will not go, have tweeted, and so far no info, only furious fellow-customers. I can’t wait for my contract to end. When it was Orange it was fine, but since it became EE it has been poor.

  6. Carl Toolan says:

    I’ve had 40 in the past 2 days, worst part is i only started receiving them AFTER I used up my new magic number. Orange was great EE is shocking, they up our prices and remove any quality there was. My signal was the best around when orange/t mobile started sharing signal, now I can’t walk into a building without losing signal can’t wait to get rid

  7. Anne Holt says:

    I’ve received over 20 text messages a day from Orange re Magic numbers since last Thursday, it’s really annoying as they come in through the night as well. Orange really should have sorted this problem out by now, it’s ridiculous how long it’s taking them.

  8. squeekybaby says:

    What’s the most annoying about this is there has been no communication from Orange to apologise or even tell us that they’re working on it. I’ve had to delve into the depths of a community forum to find something and even then they haven’t updated as promised. I’ve received 30 in the last 3 days. My other half is on Orange but he’s not been affected.

  9. Kat says:

    I moved my number to giff gaff last Tuesday (15th Jul) and since then I’ve been having these texts. It’s no longer an Orange number so there’s no excuse – they haven’t even publicly apologised
    I’m glad I’ve moved from them – I just wish that they woul dno leave me alone!

  10. alanp says:

    had about 40+ txts over the last 4 days, last one was received at 8:30am this morning, all seams quite now, but I’ve still made the call to leave Orange due that their complete lack of customer care relating to this issue.

  11. Annoyed and orange says:

    I as an Orange customer just recontracted. No mention of EE until I receive E mails from EE saying I would receive final bill from Orange and initial bills from EE with no info of DD dates which feel is the most important part of any contract.
    Rang Orange floor supervisor ,call back from manager the call hang up as no answer to my very annoyed questions

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