EA SPORTS Football Club app issues abundant


Whether you’re fan of Wayne Rooney and Manchester United or Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona, if you have the EA SPORTS Football Club app it’s a cert that you’re a football enthusiast. The app has recently been updated but it appears that EA SPORTS Football Club app issues are now abundant.

This app is popular with FIFA 14 gamers and enables users to access football club news about their favorite teams such as The Gunners or The Sky Blues, and alerts and messages from friends. Users can manage their FUT squads and purchase packs from the FUT store, follow the FUT transfer market and more.

The Android version of this app received an update two weeks ago that offered fixes to improve FUT login issues. However, it’s evident from the app description on Google Play that plenty of users are frustrated by problems since the update. There are many commenters now only giving the game a one star rating and discussing the flaws of the app.

Issues range from problems with auto updating or servers being down, to messages such as “error creating your game session” or the app being laggy and unresponsive. These are just a few of the problems we’ve noticed from a glance through the user comments. There are also comments from some saying that they are still having log in difficulties, despite the fact that the update was meant to fix this.

It’s no surprise that many users are disappointed while others are simply angry and feel that EA really needs to get its finger out and solves these issues. We’d like to hear your experiences of using this app.

Are you one of those who are finding the app a pain since the recent update, or even before it? What do you think about the way that EA is handling these problems with the EA Sports Football Club app?

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