Facebook down with apps not working


Is Facebook down for you? We would imagine so, especially considering all the Facebook apps are not working and the website just has an unable to connect message on all popular web browsers.

Product Reviews noticed that Facebook users were complaining about blank white screens in certain locations, and then the whole website went down with the outage lasting for a little while already.

The social service might not have been down long, but with any outage with Facebook it will be feel like the world has ended to some people. There’s well over a billion people using Facebook and just looking quickly at the comments on the above article reveals how widespread the problems are today, so leave a comment below if you are seeing issues or take a look at the PR article above to see nearly 100 people already commented.

What are you doing while Facebook is down and did you notice issues in the Android and iOS apps as well?

We’ll let our readers know when the service is restored and of course why Facebook went down in the first place, if a press statement is offered on the official blog.

Update: The Facebook social share button on our page is obviously not working thanks to the developer website being down as well. We’ve been able to connect occasional, but this might be due to already being logged in, although the iPhone app is not working at all at this time.

It looks like everything is back up after about 30 minutes of downtime.


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