Flappy Bird returns with Flappy Birds Family


It’s safe to assume if you’re reading this you have played, or at least heard of Flappy Bird. The one-tap game was pulled from the app stores months ago, but now it’s back…kind of. Dotgear has just released Flappy Birds Family, but you’ll have to own a particular device to play it.

Flappy Birds Family is the same game you remember, but with the addition of multiplayer. Yup, you can now play against friends or family to see who can make it the furthest through the endless array of pipes. To our knowledge, there are no other additions to the game aside from “more obstacles” so if you expected more depth, you won’t find it in the new game.

Excited? You may want to hold that back for a moment… unless you own a Fire TV. At this time, the only platform Flappy Birds Families is available on is the Fire TV. There’s been no word on when the game will come to Google Play or iOS, but it will arrive eventually. You can bet the farm on that.flappy birds family

Fans of the fowl are no doubt pleased the game make a comeback although it’s a bit odd the developer chose the platform he did to launch the new game. Can you say exclusive? If you own a Fire TV, you can hit up the link below to pick up Flappy Birds Families.

Flappy  Birds Family


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