The VIRO Smartphone never needs to be Charged


Having a cool smartphone or tablet is awesome, but not so much when you’re battery runs dry, and you’re carrying around a brick. You can stay tethered to the wall or swap out batteries in some models, but what if you never had to charge it at all? Prepare to meet the VIRO smartphone.

If you’ve never heard of the VIRO Smartphone, you’re not the only one. The company is set to try and “OnePlus” us all on October 1st with a brand new smartphone that nobody knows anything about. Details from the company have been beyond vague, but we know it will never need to be charged and it’s made from recyclable materials to boot.

If you’re thinking the VIRO smartphone will be a niche handset with low-end specs, you will be mistaken. Through their Facebook page, the company has said it will use top-notch components and the VIRO will have a 20.7 camera which is certainly a nice start. It’s also said to have an “alternative” OS and possibly a Snapdragon 810 SoC.

While we don’t know much about the VIRO smartphone, we’re assuming it’s going to use solar power in some way to pull off it’s “never discharges” tagline. The handset is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2015, and we’ll know more about it on October 1st. You can check out their official Facebook page if you want to learn more about the VIRO smartphone.

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