O2 UK down today, not working with Bad Gateway


The O2 UK website has gone down today under pressure from those wanting to pre-order an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The problem Apple caused for themselves is having every country and every network take orders at the same time around the world.

This has taken the Apple Store down today, EE.co.uk and O2 UK are also down and not working. The latter online store has an error message stating, “502 Bad Gateway”. We expected problems and each of these websites to run into issues, but didn’t expect the websites to not be working for so long after the 8:01am order time.

It looks like O2 UK has been down today for 20 minutes longer than when the should be taking orders. This alone will be one reason certain people went to local shops instead of ordering online, although we have heard their systems for taking orders are having problems as well today

O2 UK down today

Have you been able to place a pre-order for an iPhone 6 at O2 UK, EE, or the official Apple Store? The O2 website now has a “Back Soon” message and also “Our Shop is temporarily unavailable while we do some essential maintenance”.


3 thoughts on “O2 UK down today, not working with Bad Gateway”

  1. MH says:

    Massively frustrating, ultimately typical. Why can’t they get their act together? The apple live event was an equally huge failure – if you say you will be able to order on line at 8:01am then you should be able to.
    O2 down, apple store updating – consistent disappointment for Apple fans. But we keep coming back and all is forgiven when we get our hands on our shiny new iphone. Live chat is actually dead chat and has been giving me a we’re really busy message every two minutes for 47 minutes now. Soon have to give up! Glad I didn’t stay home to try this. PS we are back to bad gateway…. Bad O2!

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