Samsung Galaxy Note Edge rumored to be really pricey


On September 3, 2014, just a couple of days before the official start of the International Radio Show (IFA) in Berlin, Samsung held a special event which brought the Galaxy Note 4 to the world. However, the phablet Samsung historically unveils in Berlin wasn’t the only phone announced; accompanying the Note 4 was the Galaxy Note Edge. Prior to unveiling the Note 4, there were a lot of rumors circulating on the inter webs regarding special features that the — back then unannounced — phablet might pack; a curved screen was one of said rumored features, but, instead of going with a curved screen on the Note 4, Samsung decided to play it safe, by announcing a different phone, with a curved screen towards its right edge, naming it the Galaxy Note Edge.

There aren’t many differences in terms of specifications between the two. If you’re interested in what’s under the hood, comparing both Samsung phablets, make sure to check out our spec comparison post from September 6, 2014.

Pricing of the Galaxy Note Edge is yet unknown. However, there were rumors and reports trying to predict, or anticipate, a retail price for the device, one which would be close to reality. Said reports mentioned amounts around 1,000EUR (approximately 790GBP), making this curved screened device a very expensive one. Now, a recent report seems to somewhat confirm what we’ve recently seen; it is coming from a person in China who claims to have some sort of carrier ties, but this is unverifiable at the moment.

Said person mentions a price tag of about 7,000 Chinese Yuans, which, at today’s exchange rates, translates roughly to 885EUR, or 700GBP. While somewhat cheaper than the previously reported prices, the Galaxy Note Edge has every chance of becoming one expensive smartphone. The report also mentions a suggested retail price of 5,399 Chinese Yuans for the Galaxy Note 4 (that means about 680EUR and 540GBP). If these figures will match reality, it will mean that the Galaxy Note Edge will be almost thirty percent more expensive than its non-curved-screened sibling.

Of course, prices usually vary not only from region to region (market to market), but also from one retailer to the other. Also of note is the fact that these prices mentioned in the report are prices for unlocked, carrier-free units. Expect these devices to cost a lot less on a carrier contract (but still more than some other competitors’ offerings).

That being said, tell us how much would you be willing to pay for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge?

Source: Sina Weibo
Via: Pocketnow

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