The Otium U5 aims to eliminate the Bezel


The LG G3 showed us just how thin bezels could be on a phablet. Sharp did them one better with the Aquos Crystal, and now Otium is getting in on the slim bezel game with the Otium U5.

Otium posted images of the Otium U5 and its barely there bezels on their Facebook. As you can see, it’s a slick looking gadget, and those bezels are about as thin as you can get. They didn’t give the measurements, but the second photo appears to show a bit of a bevel on the glass. We’re not sure if those are speaker grills on the top and bottom either, but we’re guessing it’s just for looks as the Otium U5 is going to be a mid-range handset.

In terms of specs, we don’t know much about the Otium U5 at this time. The company has said it will sport a 5.5-inch display covered in Dragontail glass. The SoC is thought to be a quad-core MT6582 which means it won’t have 4G LTE. If we’re going to speculate, the rest of the specs probably include 1GB of RAM, 4 or 8GB of storage, and a dual camera combo of the 5MP/2MP variety.

Otium U5

We don’t know much about Otium or their U5 smartphone, but we do know we like the style and those thin bezels. The company apparently has a smartwatch in the works as well, and you can get a look at it on their Facebook page. We’ll keep you in the loop as we learn more about the Otium U5 specs and pricing.

via – GizChina


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