Are the OnePlus One StyleSwap Covers back on track?


One of the cool features of the OnePlus One was to be its StyleSwap cover system, but that was nixed months ago for various reasons. Well, it looks like they may be back on as a new Yellow StyleSwap cover has just shown up online.

Back in September, OnePlus pulled the plug on the StyleSwap covers due to “technical difficulties” which sounds pretty odd as most folks can’t foresee any technical problems installing a cover. The problem is that the StyleSwap covers actually replace the back of your phone, and the installation process sounds like it was a bit trickier than the company anticipated. Some bamboo covers that were up to snuff did get produced, but that was the last we heard on the matter until today.

All sorts of things surface on Weibo, and a new Yellow OnePlus One StyleSwap cover popped up recently giving hope to those in the market for a bright backplate. Looking at the cover, it appears to be a legit high-quality part, and if it’s produced by a third-party, they did a heck of a job. OnePlus had mentioned Denim and Kevlar backs previously, and we’re going to assume this is that latter by the looks of it.

yellow styleswap cover

It remains to be seen if the Yellow StyleSwap cover will get a wide release or if someone just got ahold of a unit from the initial production run. The company would still have to deal with the installation issue as well, so we’ll just have to wait and see how the StyleSwap saga pans out.

Would you like to see some colorful StyleSwap covers or do you think the company should just concentrate on getting the phone out to the public?

via – GforGames    source: Weibo


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