Elephone P5000 sports a massive 5,650mAh battery, you decide the rest


Battery life is one of the most important things on any smartphone, and most handsets are lacking in that department. The recently released Droid Turbo doesn’t fall into that category and neither does its variant, the Moto Maxx. You can now add another handset to that list and it’s battery will, put those to shame. Say hello to the Elephone P5000…

As displays get bigger, they need more power even as manufacturers tweak their SoC’s to save some juice. Nothing is worse than being tethered to the wall, and a lot of smartphones don’t allow for removable batteries anymore. We’re pretty sure the battery in the Elephone P5000 is of the fixed variety, and it is absolutely huge at 5,650mAh.

The rest of the Elephone P5000 specs are a total mystery for the moment aside from the massive 5,650mAh battery. In an interesting turn of events, the company is going to let you decide what you’d like to see under the hood of the device. Starting on November 11th, they will put up polls on their forums and through other means to let consumers and users voice their opinion on the upcoming smartphone. Maybe Samsung should take a few pointers from the folks at Elephone for Project Zero.

If you’d like to make your voice heard and add some power to the big bad battery in the Elephone P5000, you’ll have your chance to do so on the 11th. You can hit up their forums or head over to the company’s official Facebook page to pitch your ideas, and the company will hold a 20% off sale on that day for many of their products.

What would you like to see under the hood of the Elephone P5000?

via – GizChina   source: Elephone


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