Motorola Droid Turbo review collection and verdicts

The Motorola Droid Turbo has recently released and has very notable specs, for example a Quad HD display resolution. It will compete against the likes of the Apple iPhone 6, and Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 as one of the highest-end devices available. With this in mind we thought we’d delve for some of the best reviews out there, so read on for our Motorola Droid Turbo review collection and verdicts.

The Droid Turbo has released as an exclusive for Verizon, but a variant for some other markets has launched as the Moto Maxx. The video comparisons we’ve selected here come from some of the very best tech sites and will give you some different perspectives of this impressive smartphone. You might also want to check out our previous Droid Turbo posts, and these include comparisons with other phones and more.

The first YouTube video below comes from Phone Arena, and after the introduction the review moves on to the design and build quality of the phone followed by the display. You’ll then get a good chance for some close-up looks with a hardware tour, before the video moves on to the software experience, performance, camera capabilities, call quality, battery life and more. At the end of the review there’s a useful list of pros and cons and an overall rating. We won’t give away the score just yet as you might want to find out when you view the video, but we will say that it’s one of the best we’ve seen for a smartphone.

The next YouTube video embedded beneath this article is from Pocketnow and obviously covers many of the aspects of the first review. It’s good to get another take on the phone though, and this review offers a look of the phone that is full of useful insight. Again it starts with the design and display, and then goes on to discuss the processor, Android software and features, cameras (with video footage), gaming experience, price and more. In conclusion the review describes the Droid Turbo as a “powerhouse” and has plenty of admiration for the phone and the value that it offers.

The final YouTube video in our selection is from Android Authority and offers some further views on the Droid Turbo. The video looks at the specs and performance of the phone, and if you’re a fan of mobile gaming you’ll be pleased to see how it copes with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. There’s also a section on the camera capabilities before the final verdict, in which the Droid Turbo is described as “probably the best phone on Verizon right now.”

After you’ve had time to watch the review videos and absorb all the information in them we’d appreciate hearing your thoughts. Are you now persuaded that the Motorola Droid Turbo should be your next smartphone purchase? Do send us your comments to let us know.


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  1. Jimmy Drew says:

    Great phone that and the Nexus 6. However I love the Note 4 and while these two are terrific phones there is nothing that is comparable to the all around ability of the Note 4.

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