Snapchat fires up Mobile Payments with Snapcash


Sharing things amongst others has become commonplace in our mobile world, and there are countless apps that let you share things with the world, or a bit more discreetly. Snapchat is one way folks go about sharing when they don’t want the whole world to see, and the popular Snapchat app just received a nifty update that introduces a new feature called Snapcash.

If you’re unfamiliar with Snapchat, here’s how it works. You can snap a pic, and when you send it basically self-destructs after its viewed so it can’t be passed around unless it’s someone takes a screen cap. Snapcash is a new service that’s been added to that app, and it quickly allows you to send cash to friends or family in a flash.

Snapcash lets you send money to your Snapchat pals, and it’s all done from within the app. You simply need to link your debit card, enter an amount and hit send. Square is involved in the endeavor as well, so you know your money will be safe. The only hitch is the fact you have to be 18 years of age and located in the United States to use the feature.

Snapcash won’t be a feature everyone will use, but it will be handy to have on hand if you live in the states. There are several ways to send money to folks now (PayPal) from your mobile, but having the ability to do so from within a popular app like Snapchat is a great idea.

Would you like to be able to send money from your favorite social app?

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