Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review choice and verdicts


The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is already in the hands of early buyers and is slowly releasing to further regions. This is a premium smartphone with a price to match, and you may want to put some thought into whether you want to invest in it or not. With this in mind we have a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review choice to offer alternative perspectives on this device.

The Note Edge was made official at the same time as the already released Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Edge is already available from some US carriers and is heading for a UK release later this month as well as other countries. The Edge has many of the same specs as the Galaxy Note 4 (see specs comparison), but the distinguishing factor for the Galaxy Note Edge, is its unique curved edge down one side where users can see notifications, app shortcuts and more.

It’s always good to take a look at a review of a new device to get some really useful insight into it. It’s also a good idea to see more than one for different takes on a device. Below this story we’ve embedded two Galaxy Note Edge video reviews so that you can get a good idea of what it has to offer and whether this is the right phone for you.

The first YouTube video comes from Phone Arena and begins by showing the design of the Note Edge, and an interesting point here is that the reviewer says that it requires a different way of holding the handset to avoid pressing something accidentally. The review then covers many other aspects such as the display and how the ‘edge’ works, and then the Android and TouchWiz software experience and features.

Galaxy Note Edge review choice

Other areas covered are the performance, camera (including sample images and video footage), call quality, battery life, and the very expensive price. Ultimately the ‘Edge’ feature is felt to be more of a gimmick although it does have some neat functionality, and the phone is described as powerful and giving very snappy performance. If you have deep pockets it would be easy to be tempted by the Galaxy Note Edge, though others will feel it’s not worth the steep price tag.

The second YouTube video we have embedded for you comes from MobileTechReview. This is a comprehensive review of the Note Edge and begins by talking about the curved edge feature again. The video offers a good opportunity for some close-up looks at the device from all angles and also shows it alongside the Galaxy Note 4 for comparison. As you might expect this review covers many of the factors mentioned in the first video, including battery performance and S Pen stylus.

The reviewer gives Samsung some credit for coming up with a handset that’s both innovative and purposeful, and then asks the all-important question of whether the extra money it costs over the Galaxy Note 4 is worth it? A good point is made here by saying that those who might be intending to purchase the Note 4 are likely to have enough money not to worry about the extra cost of the Note Edge, and believes that yes, the phone is worth paying more for.

When you’ve seen the videos below we’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on this very impressive and different smartphone offering. Have these reviews persuaded you to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge or not?

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