Clash of Clans issues reported since update


Clash of Clans is one of the most popular apps out there and one of the most successful games of the year. However, sometimes when an app is updated it can cause all sorts of problems and that seems to be the case with the latest update for the game that arrived two days ago. Clash of Clans issues are being reported by users since the update for Android and iOS, and we wonder if you’re one of those affected?

The latest Clash of Clans update released on these platforms on December 11th bringing the game to version 6.407. This was a seasonal update bringing trees and presents and some of the goodies include level 12 Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors and level 7 Giants. There are also several improvements such as Dark Elixir Drills being available earlier, Archer Towers shooting twice as fast, and more.

While there’s no doubt that many players are really enjoying the latest update it’s clear that some users are not. On the Google Play description of the app there are comments from Clash of Clans players having problems with the update. For example one writes, “Not working. Thought uninstalling and then reinstalling it would help. It only let me play a couple times. Now it’s doing what it did before. It’ll get to the loading screen and then cut off. Please fix so that I can play.”

Clash of Clans issues

Another user commented yesterday, “Can’t download or update. Would not allow me to update, it just hangs. So I decided to remove it and reinstall. Now it will not download. It hangs at installing. Please fix the new version install/update.” A further player commented today, “Can’t Connect. I can’t connect to Facebook but I connect to Google. First I have to force stop the Facebook and Clash of Clans. I open CoC and I will connect to Facebook. Sometimes it’s loading and I can’t connect anymore. Pls fix this Supercell and I will make it 5 stars. Build, Defend, Attack, Destroy!”

In the meantime we’ve also been receiving communications from some of our readers about the latest update over the last two days. For instance one wrote, “I can’t update CoC at all,” while another commented, “Update is not working for me. It keeps restarting.” A further person said, “I am unable to update my clash of clans since it always give me ‘package is invalid’ message. Can anyone help me?”

We’re not sure if this is contained to the Android version of the app or also the iOS version for iPhone and iPad. Unlike Google Play, user reviews on the App Store don’t seem to show any problems and in the messages we’ve received from readers they haven’t mentioned whether they are using the Android or iOS version of the game. As well as technical issues with the app we’ve also noticed numerous commenters on Google Play complaining that Supercell has removed the option to use Elixir to upgrade level 7 walls, something that seems to be causing a fair amount of frustration.

It would be good to hear from readers about this to get an idea of how widespread (or not) these issues are. Do you play Clash of Clans? If so, have you noticed any problems since the recent update, and also do you use the Android or iOS app? Drop us your comments using the box below.


21 thoughts on “Clash of Clans issues reported since update”

  1. Harrods says:

    Have an iPad air….haven’t been able to play COC at all, as it says update available at teh welcome screen then directs me to teh iOS App Store, opens the coc window but instead of an install selection it says open, which only starts teh process again, a continuos loop, so no gameplay for me….please sort this out, I am being raided over and over gain and nothing to do..!

  2. Fred 72 says:

    Everything is going just fine for me.
    I use a iPad mini.
    The update for me only took 4 min.
    Might be just the type of tablet or smartphone you use or it could be because of a virus.

  3. Robert says:

    I have an account on android and on I phone had some problems updating on android worked fine with I phone. cant upgrade walls with elixir on both devices though

  4. Greg says:

    I play on iOS and the update works well as far as I can tell. I can’t upgrade my walls with elixir anymore, but i don’t know if supercell intended for that. If so, that tease was mean!

  5. jaxxxon724 says:

    911 H E L P PLEASE…Initially I didn’t think I would like the game,so I started playing on my gf’s tablet,needless to say “I’M ADDICTED”,& I’ve made good progress. My question is,is there anyway I can switch my profile to my own email, because it’s caused a bit of tension between us…PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE.My email is: jaxxxon724@gmail Thank you for your support in this urgent matter. Clash On…

  6. Justin20 says:

    I use android. Just today when I tried to open up CoC the super cell screen comes up then goes to the load screen and then right back to the super cell screen. This process just repeats itself and the game never loads. I have tried every possible solution on my end to fix this so the problem is with CoC. Please fix immediately, I play a lot and wars are now involved. I don’t want to be kicked out of my clan for not being active. HURRY!

  7. japeth says:

    Im using android.when i search in the google play there is no clash of clans and when i install the apk it says update and when i click the update it went to the google play and it says this isnt compatible in your version. Please tell me how to install clash of clans

  8. angie says:

    i cannot connect to facebook. but my account was connected on google. im using samsung android phone.since i cnt connect to fb i wont be able to transfer to my friends’ clan bec i cannot search them.pls fix

  9. Anonymous says:

    I cant get on. It starts to load then randomly stops and sends me back to my home screen D:
    I havent been able to get on for a week now.
    Someone plz fix this glich!

  10. Maxime Zuffinetti says:

    I can’t connect to facebook at all with my village so it makes it impossible to invite friends in my clan.. But everything else is working fine.
    Using android version.

  11. Monica Chandler says:

    I’m on a new android device Ben trying for hours to update even reinstalled I’m level 54 but it just keeps hanging at downloading screen. Really hope its fixed soon hate to lose a 3 month investment

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