The Boeing Black Smartphone is super secure and self-destructs


As the gadgets in our pockets get more advanced, so does the security that goes along with it. We’ve seen some big hacks this year mobile and otherwise, and nobody wants their data floating about on the net. Boeing and Blackberry believe they have the solution for folks that want a super secure device, and it’s called the Boeing Black Smartphone.

When you think of airplanes, Boeing is a name that probably comes to mind. They’ve been around for a while and their reach expands far beyond the aviation world. According to a new report from Reuters, Boeing is teaming up with Blackberry to produce the Boeing Black Smartphone, and it sounds like it will be one of the most secure devices around.

The Boeing Black Phone is geared towards governmental types and those that work in areas that require high security. It encrypts communications, has dual-SIM cards, and can be configured to sync up with satellites and biometric sensors. The company was light on the details with the Black Phone announcement, but it will apparently also “self-destruct” in if tinkered with. Make of that what you will.

You probably won’t be able to stroll into Wallyworld and snag a Boeing Black Smartphone, and we’re guessing it will have a high price tag whenever it’s availability is announced. We’re not sure when that will be, but we are excited to see the final product when it arrives.

Would you be interested in a smartphone that self-destructs?


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