5.5-inch Samsung phone in the works


As we’re preparing to draw the line and look back at the year behind us, 2014, so are smartphone manufacturers, who are already preparing their announcements for next year. 2015 line-ups will start pouring in early next year, with the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January, followed by the Barcelona Mobile World Congress in early March. The rumor mill, as we’ve gotten used to by now, is in motion (when did it ever stop?), and we’re already starting to hear reports talking about devices that could see the light of day next year, which is just a little bit more than a week away.

As far as Samsung and its devices are concerned, previous reports have tried to anticipate a couple of devices which will likely be announced early next year; these include the Samsung Galaxy A, Galaxy E, the J-series devices, and Project Zero (which is claimed to be the all new, redesigned and rebuilt Samsung Galaxy S 6).

The Samsung SM-G430 was, until now, another mystery device, whose existence was only mentioned, and confined to, information from the Indian import database. Now, the information from the database can be corroborated with additional bits from Samsung itself, with the help of a user agent profile page on its servers.

The Samsung SM-G430 (as a reminder, the Galaxy S 6 is expected to be the SM-G920) is described as a 5.5-inch smartphone, which could very well put it in the “phablet” category. Whether this will be a high-end (flagship-like) device, or a mid-range, is yet unknown, but its screen resolution (while taking the large screen into consideration), at Full HD 1080p, would put it in the latter category. The processor, however, will be no slouch, if the information we’re seeing is of any indication; a 2.5GHz chip will be powering the phone, according to the user agent profile, and, while the make and model are not specified, its clock speed indicates that there are big chances for it to be a Qualcomm-made chip, likely the Snapdragon 801, which happens to operate at this exact same clock speed. The chip will also bring 4G LTE Cat. 4 capabilities, in addition to high-speed (gigabit) Wi-Fi, and the Adreno 330 graphics processor.

The operating system is still listed as Android 4.4 KitKat, but that’s usual with devices in early stages of development; usually, devices will either ship with the latest version (5.0 Lollipop) out of the box, or an official update will be made available shortly after the phone’s announcement/availability.

Source: Zauba, Samsung (XML)
Via: SamMobile

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