New Real Racing 3 update, some problems reported


Millions of people enjoy the Real Racing 3 game and the Android and iOS versions both received an update yesterday. The new Real Racing 3 update brings further content including over 100 new events, but we notice that some app users are reporting problems. We have no way of knowing if these issues are widespread or not so it would be interesting to hear from Real Racing 3 gamers.

This extremely popular mobile racing game has a vast amount of features. These include a roster of licensed tracks with examples being Silverstone and Hockenheim, more than 100 cars from names such as Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Chevrolet, and Lamborghini and a 22-car grid. There’s real time multiplayer, social leaderboards, time trials, time shifted multiplayer technology and much more.

The update to version 3.1.0 arrived in the App Store and Google Play Store yesterday, and additions include Spadaconcept, an exclusive worldwide reveal of a new vehicle from a prestigious manufacturer, more than 100 new events with Spada Series and a new Bonus series, and special gifts to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Real Racing. The iOS version of Real Racing 3 for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded from iTunes while the Android version is on Google Play, and it’s a free app (in-app purchases available).

Taking a look at the user reviews on Google Play is interesting. While there are many users of the app who are really enjoying the update and new content, there are also numerous comments from users experience problems with the game. For example one person writes, “Recent update FAIL. The recent update makes me unable to pass “Real Racing 3” Loading screen, keep force close after the loading. Lenovo S939.” Another commenter says, “Crashed after the update. After installing the latest update, game will crash after a few seconds after the loading screen. Please fix.. I play this game almost everyday. LG G3.”

Real Reacing 3 update b

More comments include this one, “Bug, not complete download. After the newest update..some of my 100% complete shows only 87%. I already bought the car, but it shows I haven’t..please fix.” Or how about this comment, “This game is great in so many ways but it crashes way too often, it was updated yesterday but it still crashes. I spend more time waiting for the game to reload after crashing than I do playing it, it wouldn’t encourage me to spend any money in the game.”

These are just a few examples of the comments made since the most recent update, and there are plenty more. For the sake of fairness we should say that those encountering a smooth performance with the app can’t give it enough praise, but the user reviews are really inconsistent. Therefore we’d like to ask readers to tell us of their experiences with the game.

Have you updated to the latest version of Real Racing 3 for Android or iOS? If so, is everything running smoothly for you, or maybe you have also come across some crash problems or other issues? Do drop us your comments in the box below.


75 thoughts on “New Real Racing 3 update, some problems reported”

  1. Disgruntled stigg says:

    Road car international first elimination race crashes at 0.00.33 on the elimination counter on iOS ipad tried using the veloster and still the same reboot also failed. Please fix.

  2. Paranjoy Das says:

    yes…I also face similar issues…Bug, not complete download. After the newest update..some of my 100% complete shows only 90.44%. I already bought the car, but it shows I haven’t..please fix.”

  3. Jab95 says:

    For some people moaning about it only shows 87% complete, that’s because the new reveal car has been added to that section and will no doubt have its own race series in there. Therefore it isn’t broken, its just that they haven’t disguised where the new car and series will belong.

  4. anonymous says:

    I’ve updated and fortunately everything is running perfectly no bugs at all besides the PRO series being 87% which someone here already stated is NOT a bug but rather a new series being added as soon as the new Porche GT4 is released.

  5. Jay says:

    It seems EA and Firemonkeys have stepped up efforts to curb cheating. I was having the same problem, the app force-closed on me, when starting up the app. I looked at the error report, and the fault was somewhere in the store modules for the game. Now, I have Lucky Patcher installed in my tablet, which somehow hooks on to the app to bypass the in-game store. The app refuses Lucky Patcher to hook on, so it closes itself. I uninstalled Lucky Patcher, and have been playing on the 3.1.0 update for the past 15 minutes. If you have Lucky Patcher, uninstall it so you can play RR3. Of course, it might not work for everyone, but you can try. Cheers!

    1. oldcheatingfart says:

      work perfectly for me… thx bro! im glad i got my save with luckypatcher added coins, those stayed no harmed.

      Now propably the way to cheat is to install luckypatcher while game is minimized and hack it then. I don’t know if it works though, had no time o check it. Please let us know if somebody will try it.

  6. john says:

    I’ve been playing for about 7 months(at least 1 race per day) on moto x, with recent update got the 87% bug where there should be 100% (I suspect a hidden new series). But it’s a minor visual thing doesnt bother me, other than that no problems at all ever.

  7. Tebogo Tbzmike Dr-Insane says:

    I’m now out of the game since the 3.1 update, it crashes after a few seconds, I can’t play anymore, I guess I’ll have to downgrade on my note 3 exynos

          1. Eric'H says:

            yes, after disable the google billing emulation no more force close in the start up.

  8. Itsdroyo says:

    I have the 87% completion on the pro series and says I’m missing a car 16 or 17 but there is not other event available and no more cars to purchase that series.

    1. hawk says:

      That is because the new car being revealed is slotted in the pro class,
      once you acquire the new car (hint: Porsche ****** GT4) all 17 cars will be aquired.

  9. Nibbos says:

    crashes at least once on each occasion that I play it. Sometimes adverts appear that say ‘please rotate the screen’. No amount of rotating clears this message so I have to force a shutdown and restart the app.
    Fairly poor gaming experience.

  10. topurocko says:

    Just updated it.. when i try to run the game.. it stuck at RealRacing 3 startup menu.. what happen? Running on rooted note 2. With android 4.4 Kitkat! Have already uninstall LuckyPatcher and still keep Force close! Anyy solution?

  11. Tanay says:

    i start the game and just as soon as the car stops, so does the music and back to home screen. it worked fine on the first startup.
    i have a HTC Desire 526g plus

  12. dave williams says:

    Update today trashed sound. Rooted Galaxy S4 Kit Kat 4.4.2. Np ’til rr3 update. Unplayable now. May have other probs but cannot know if cannot play.Need way to undo update while waiting indefinitely for fix …

  13. Kevin Wong says:

    Not only did the update screwed up my game sound (turned out to be no sound at all), it also wiped my previous gold purchase (last month), and also lost my last month’s game cloud save.

  14. Jake Sully says:

    haven’t played the game for a few days, but i installed the latest android version (5.1), yesterday. after that, when i tried to run the game, it crashed on start up. i tried uninstalling/reinstalling the game, restarting the phone, but nothing changed.

  15. محارب الصحراء says:

    I have real Racing 3 game in my phone but it not working after update..
    i deleted all programs cashes and restart my phone and uninstall but the problem it stay …
    please fix it … or…..make new version to repair it

  16. Vlad says:

    Guys help me please! that TSM mode is not working , i cant see anyone of my friends from fb, same for them, they cant see my account name on their list at all, i reinstalled the game, i loged in my fb account, i changed accounts, nothing helps! im using android on htc one m8 , please help me

  17. Mathias Dickenbrock says:

    Never had a crash on ios and android.Sometimes the cloud save is not working and the auto save i hate.I save when i want not when the game means to save,coz it works not for me.Auto save not save my data.

  18. Marshall Carpenter says:

    trying to recover my save file off the cloud, prompt it to download my save but everytime i do it reverts only to local save data instead of using my cloud info

  19. PDQDucati says:

    Great graphics & game play but totally unstable after last update. iPad Air crashes frequently & we’re on very reliable high speed FIOS connection. During the last 3 special events it got to crashing after completion of every race, When it crashes any cars being serviced dump the servicing and must be started over, all of which took so much time that I was only able to get 1 car in LeMans Pursuit of Victory and couldn’t even finish the 2 others.

  20. Rob Clark says:

    Yep couldn’t agree more. I enjoy the weekly challenges and then right at the end you complete the challenge only to find they didn’t give you the car. Or just now with NASCAR Toyota Camry, I am trying to complete the last day and the dam thing crashes and will not load the race. Highly frustrating.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Im having a problem where it gets stuck on loading after I beat the race. Whats most frustrating is I’m getting first place, doing my best and then its like… NOOOOOO, gotta do it all over (close the app, and redo race, doesn’t save for some reason)… :/

  22. Carlos Amorim says:

    I have an iPhone 6 plus and the sound quit working for RR# through the speakers. All the sound works correctly for everything else but not RR#. I have to use my earplugs to hear sound from RR# now. Anyone else having this issue?

  23. Laura says:

    Hi, I updated my son’s tablet and now real racing is not coming on at all.
    When I press icon the first screen comes on for a couple of seconds and then goes off. I was going to delete game and reinstall, but my 7 year old has completed lots of races and has bought lots of cars so he doesn’t want to loss everything! Please help

  24. Papa says:

    Since the update for me real racing has had a bug where the screen twitches and shakes so the car is uncontrollable I have tried adjusting the steering settings and assists. But it doesn’t help the twitching throw you off the track. I’m using Kindle Fire

  25. John H says:

    I have tried to update to vers. 4.0.1, 706 mb 30 Nov 2015 but the app won’t update, the update “circle” fills but it won’t go to “open”.

    This is the 4th time trying. I am downloading to my apple air

  26. Pa Flodder says:

    Extremely long loading times inbetween races for the last days. Not “pleasant” to play anymore. I won’t buy ‘stuff’ for this game knowing this.

  27. James says:

    I downloaded real racing 3 update v5.0.0 and I tried to download additional data which it does but when it’s at 90 something percent I get a error message saying download error, please check your network settings and try again or something like that, it funny because there is nothing wrong with my 4G internet connection and it does this every time I try to download so will not be playing until it is fixed and have now uninstalled.

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