FIFA 15 Companion app transfer problems since update


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of Diego Costa of Chelsea or Robin van Persie of Manchester United, the one thing that we can be sure of is that you are a football supporter. In that case you may also enjoy FIFA 15 and the companion app for Android or iOS devices, but now there appear to be EA Sports FIFA 15 Companion app transfer problems since the latest update.

The app for both platforms requires users to have an Origin account connected to FIFA 15 (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, or PC). For Ultimate Team feature you also need to have an Ultimate Team Club within FIFA 15. Some of the features of the app include finding and bidding on players on the FUT transfer market, selling players with the FUT transfer list, and managing your FUT squads.

The free Companion app for Android and iOS received an update just yesterday and the ‘What’s New’ section of the app description includes being able to preview the full TOTW on the Home Screen from the Live tile as well as being able to preview all squads in ‘My Squad’ without needing to set them as active. There’s also extra security in the form of Two Factory Authentication.

The iOS FIFA 15 Companion app is available from iTunes while the Android version is on Google Play, but everything is not as smooth as it could be for some. To be frank it’s not the first time we’ve heard of issues with this app, and since the update yesterday we’ve been receiving comments from our readers as well as emails about problems. A look at the user reviews on the app descriptions also show that many people are facing difficulties with the app.

Comments since the latest update on the Google Play Store make it clear that many players are very unhappy and frustrated. For example one user says, “Absolutely garbage. Can’t use the transfer window anymore also never get any decent players. EA rip off.” Another says, “Transfer market down…Despite update. Had update to see totw and other squads but still no transfer market, which is the main point off the app, please sort it out EA.” A further comment says “Worse than before. The new update is just pointless, can’t access the transfer market now.”

Meanwhile user comments on the App Store include this one saying, “Great app but currently the market on the app is broken and under maintenance so please fix that so we can list and buy players.” Another commenter says, “I would rate it as excellent but I have been having trouble with the transfer market selling players and clearing sold items.” These are just a few of the many comments from users about issues with the app and we’d like to hear from readers about this.

Do you have the latest update for the FIFA 15 Companion app for Android or iOS? If so, is everything working fine for you, or are you encountering any of the problems that other users are having? It would be good to get an idea of how widespread these issues are, so do let us know with your comments.


7 thoughts on “FIFA 15 Companion app transfer problems since update”

  1. Tim says:

    This isn’t a great article as it completely misses the point. The web app and companion app are disabled indefinitely due to coin traders and autobuyers. It’s jot a bug in the app, EA have disabled it until they can stabilise the market.

  2. mgd says:

    My app loads fine but when I try select ultimate team I can’t. .. nothing happens! Can’t see the TOTW neither! Really disappointed with ea… Please sort it out

  3. Daddycool67 says:

    The transfer market is about much more than just players.
    I’m in trouble with contracts on a few of my squads.
    At some point I wont be able to field an entire squad for lack of contracts.
    I guess I’ll just stop playing and wait until they re-open the auction house.
    If it comes to that …I’m not sure there will be much of a reason for me to even keep the app on my tablet.

    1. Dany Akusobi says:

      Useless won’t happen. Price Ranges they gonna create. Fifa is no more like before. Things got changed and EA will ban such if Auction bid is acted. It is something we all have to drop it off.

  4. Myth says:

    The transfer window problem is driving me nuts….EA has to come out with a solution..this is ridiculous…first the player swapping problem now this…..i agree with Daddycool67 no need of keeping this app if it goes like this

  5. Dany Akusobi says:

    I am already quitted from the EA Fifa 15. There is no point of playing the game on Android when the Transfer Market is inaccessible. The game is became altogether a melted sh*t. After the uodate l saw how things came to changing. It is no more fun to play anymore and fans wants the formal Transfer method to make the squad built. Price ranges are too expensive and no one can buy except multi millioners or who have plenty of bucks. Or who have the money to do without any of use. 10 millions players are playing with 4.3 rating and I had wondered why can’t they just rate in 1 star to make their company ruining. Some people like that way because majority of the people are scared of making the squad been advance. Well I spent real money to create squad but yet used coin selling and coin buying to build. Cheaters are the ones who EA promotes the welfare of the game. I took months to build them and now when things seemed changed lost my hope and delete my club. I vowed that am gonna join with Pes 16. I am going to say RIPOFF EA 15 and 16. You have made an indecent app ever. EA BOLA infected it.👏

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