HTC One M7 updates will stop after Android 5.0


The HTC One M9 release is right around the corner, but before it was a thought, there was the One M8 and the old M7. The original HTC One was a beloved handset, and a lot of folks are still proudly rocking them to this day. If you’re one of them, hopefully you picked up the GPE edition as the regular One M7 updates are coming to an end.

Depending on your handset, you’re probably waiting for the Android 5.0 update to arrive through your carriers. Android 5.1 is already out as well, but only a small number of smartphones are currently running. As you would expect, a lot of folks are curious about that Android 5.1 update, and an HTC One user took to Twitter to find out when it would be rolling out. The response you see below isn’t exactly what you’ll want to hear unless you have the GPE edition of the One.

Considering Mo Versi is the VP of Product Management at HTC, you can take that statement to the bank. Obviously users weren’t thrilled by the news as the Android 5.1 update is minor, but addresses a few issues along with the usual round of bug squashing. That said, the company did provide 2-years of updates, which is something we didn’t generally see much of until recently. As a long time Android user, I can remember being stuck with Éclair for quite some time.

While the news of updates stopping with Android 5.0 on the HTC One is disheartening, there are always ways to squash those bugs and even stay updated if you’ve got root. The HTC One M7 has a massive following, and we imagine dev’s over at XDA will still give it some love for some time to come.

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