Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy Note Edge, form or function


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has just released to a waiting world alongside its counterpart the standard flagship Galaxy S6. Meanwhile last year the Galaxy Note Edge was announced alongside the Galaxy Note 4 phablet. Both of the ‘Edge’ handsets are more expensive than their companions and some may be torn between them. If you’re not sure which is for you, today we have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs. Galaxy Note Edge comparison to share.

The main difference between them as far as their designs are concerned is that the Galaxy Note Edge has a curved edge along one side whereas the new Galaxy S6 Edge has dual curved edges. Size is also an important difference as the Note Edge is a phablet with a 5.6-inch display whereas the S6 Edge has a smaller 5.1-inch display, so for some the choice may already be made purely on this point. Another factor to take into account is that the older Note Edge comes with the use of the S Pen Stylus.

Both have an impressive array of specs and features and the Galaxy S6 Edge has received a very positive response so far from tech experts and potential buyers alike. There has been widespread praise for the newest Samsung handset as it has stepped up to a more premium design, although some rue the lack of expandable storage via microSD and the change to a non-removable battery. On the other hand the Galaxy Note Edge may be a bit older but it still features a microSD card slot and a removable battery.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy Note Edge b

These are just a few of the differences between them but for much more we’ve embedded a YouTube video below this post from Mobile Tech Review. It’s a comprehensive comparison of the Galaxy S6 Edge and Note Edge, and at 18-minutes long it gives plenty of information and food for thought. It also offers the chance to see both phones up close so that you can get an idea of the differences in design and size.

The video begins with looking at the designs and discussing the ways that the curved edge displays work. There’s more difference here than you may realize as the single curved edge on the Galaxy Note Edge acts as an independent display with more functionality than the dual edges of the S6 Edge. It continues by looking at storage and batteries of the two devices, the new and improved fingerprint sensor of the S6 Edge over that of the Note Edge, software, processors and performance, and camera capabilities.

Many other aspects are also discussed and in the wrap-up the differences are summarized with some useful insight. This review should therefore give you a really good idea of which of these two phones might be your best choice, and after you’ve checked out the video below we’d like to hear from you. Have you decided whether to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or the Galaxy Note Edge? Let us know which is your choice and why?


2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy Note Edge, form or function”

  1. Deanna says:

    I have the Note 4 and I really love it. I chose not to buy the Edge because I didn’t want to accidentally activate one of the buttons on the side and I’m left handed so it was inconvenient to have the curves on the right side. One of the things that sets Sansung aside from Apple is the fact that Samsung offers an SD slot and a removable battery, and I do like the stylus of the Note 4. I was really dismayed when I read that the S6 doesn’t have an SD slot or a removable battery. To me, the expandable memory is THE most important feature that a device can provide. I really hope this is not going to be a trend of Samsung’s.

  2. Mystic Merlin says:

    I totally agree with Deanna. I have the NOTE 3, not the 4 but I’m due for an upgrade September/October 2015, and I won’t be interested in a device without a SD slot & maybe a removable battery, At present I have got 2 external power banks of between 10,000 & 12,000 mAh which I use to charge my battery as & when. So not being able to remove a battery may not be an issue unless when that day comes when your battery fails. What do you do then with a phone that has a fixed battery?

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