Moto Maker may expand to include a Droid smartphone


Moto Maker was a pleasant surprise to consumers when it launched, as having the ability to personalize your expensive smartphone is never a bad thing. A new report suggests more customization could be coming soon, but in an unexpected way.

Motorola has made a lot of new friends by releasing devices like the Moto X and Moto 360. It also doesn’t hurt that they have Moto Maker, which is the only service that allows customers to customize their handsets before they arrive. A new rumor suggests something new is coming to Moto Maker, and it’s not going to be a new material this time around. It will actually be a new smartphone.

Phandroid is reporting that a source familiar with the matter has said Motorola is “considering” adding a DROID branded handset to the service. The obvious choice would be the most recent high-end Droid, the Turbo from Verizon. They could use that one with Moto Maker or wait for the next-generation of it assuming we’ll see one this year.

As cool as Moto Maker is, you are limited by what devices you can use with the service. Opening things up for another smartphone is great news if true, but not so much if you’ll need to be a Verizon customer to take advantage of it.

Source: Phandroid


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