Scramble with Friends problems since Word Streak update


Some of the most popular gaming apps available are word games and Scramble with Friends from Zynga was one of the best and most addictive. The Android and iOS app has just received an update and is now renamed as Word Streak. Now many fans of the app are having Scramble with Friends problems since the Word Streak update.

I myself am an avid player of Scramble with Friends and apart from the odd glitch over time have not had too many issues with the phenomally popular game. I’ve had nothing but problems with the apps since it became Word Streak, and decided to take a look and see if the difficulties were affecting other players. Checking out Twitter, other social media sources, and the App Store and Google Play descriptions, it soon became evident that many people are now having problems with the app. This has really spoiled the enjoyment for many players.

Since the update the app is running really slow, lagging, crashing, and freezing. It has made playing the game virtually impossible, so much so that I for one have given up until these issues can be resolved. The Android version of Scramble with Friends arrived on Google Play a few days ago bringing version 8.06. Meanwhile the iOS version for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, now of course named Word Streak with Friends, appeared on iTunes just yesterday as version 6.03.

We can see that players of Scramble with Friends on both the Android and iOS platforms are encountering difficulties, and this is causing a huge amount of frustration for those who love the game. For example on the App Store one player comments, “I loved this game. It was my little guilty pleasure and a way to re-set when my mind needed clearing. The new update is TERRIBLE. I am so, so, so sad. It stutters, is slow to react, the look and feel of it is messy and the new colour scheme is like being on a Ryanair flight. After a single game, I don’t want to play this again, but feel I have to for those that I play on a regular basis. For once, please have the courage to go back to the old version of the app. And to say sorry to all those users that love and play this game and used to enjoy doing so. (This is the first time I’ve ever written a review on-line, that’s just how sad I am).”

That pretty much sums up how many other app users are feeling. Another iOS players says, “Since the upgrade to Word Streak the game has become even more ‘sticky’ – which I didn’t think was possible. It’s made it almost unplayable as any word with more than 3 letters sticks before you can make it. I really hope you can fix this otherwise I’ll be forced to delete it, which would be a shame as I used to really enjoy playing it.” Meanwhile on Google Play there are comments such as this one, “The update sucks. Buggy & eyesore. The new interface sucks. The new design sucks. Whatever content that was added causes the app to lag during rounds, which eats up seconds of gameplay (which is my biggest issue with this new update). The only things they seem to have added more of are video ads while detracting from everything else. Main idea- the new “update” sucks.”

There are many, many more comments from users who are now only giving the game a one or two star rating, and we couldn’t resist sharing this last example, “This Was Not An Update… This was a bucket of stinky brown surprise sauce, poured o’er our heads by a company clearly run by laughing hyenas. The Atari 2600 could have come up with something more fun. The design elements represent more than an “update,” so don’t engage in such sophistry – we’re not idiots. This is a seismic alteration – literally a DIFFERENT GAME. Or maybe a tragic husk of something once incredibly successful in terms of layout and design.”

Plenty of people will be nodding their heads in agreement with that last comment! While we do realize that some people haven’t noticed any issues with the update, it’s certainly clear that many people have. Today we’re calling for Zynga to realize the error of its ways and bring back Scramble with Friends, or at least improve Word Streak so that it can actually be played. We’d really like to hear from other fans of this app with your views.

Are you one of the many Scramble with Friends players who dislike the new update to Word Streak? What problems have you been having with the new version of the game, and do you wish that Zynga would reinstate Scramble with Friends instead? Do let us know with your comments.


19 thoughts on “Scramble with Friends problems since Word Streak update”

  1. Shiraz says:

    In one word “useless”. Three days ago the new version appeared uninvited on my ipad and that’s when the music stopped. I have’nt been able to play a single game since them. I really enjoyed playing Scramble with Friends but the new Word Streak is simply unplayable.

  2. Chris Peters says:

    I’m really trying to play this game but no matter how hard I try the smoothness has gone and I just got froze when I was 7,000 plus on points that was in itself an incredible achievement considering how laggy it is. Oh and the new interface is horrible, I have no idea what they were thinking. Played this game for over 3 years.
    I’m gutted, I really hope they fix this. Otherwise I’m out. Ski T Ski

  3. Terrie Wooldridge says:

    This new ap Does Not work right Ever! It is SLOW, Skips Letters and makes it impossible to play! I quit until this is Fixed! I Loved Scramble With Friends, but now they ruined it!

  4. Norah says:

    It’s just terrible. It has been my go-to game for a long time and I am extremely frustrated by the new “update.” Playing it, I feel as if the game itself is sabotaging me and preventing me from succeeding; what could be a WORSE attribute for a game?? It’s like updating a pool table by lopping off a rail. Whee! Less bulk! By the way, all your balls will roll off the table if you try to bank. Oh, and we’ve replaced the cue sticks with ramen noodles. Much tastier. Enjoy — and, you’re welcome!

  5. Jeff Stout says:

    I deleted the game, downloaded the new Word Streak (NOT the free version…the standard version costs nothing anyway), and it found my existing games and works fine. I found out that I had ‘Word Streak Free’, and that could’ve been part of the problem.

  6. Megan says:

    I have been addicted to Word Scramble for a couple of years and have played over 4,000 rounds. The game was great the way it was. When I saw the update with Word Streak I instantly disliked the look which was cheesy and visually boring. The worst part is the lagging, stuttering, and freezing. I literally cannot play a full round without having problems. The “upgrade” leaves me barely able to input half the words I normally did. I used to play every morning when I woke up and every night before sleeping. Now, I won’t play tat all. At least not until they bring the old game back. This was a complete disaster.

  7. Tom says:

    Word Streak is inappropriately named. You cannot select streaks of letters without stuttering. Streaks of play are impossible with this buzz-killing update. Bring back the previous Scramble version. We want Scramble vs Streak (not!) all day, every day!!!

  8. AnnB99 says:

    I HATE Word Streak, and wish I hadn’t upgraded. Can I get Scramble back?? I am thisclose to just deleting it, and that sadly means I will lose some Scramble-friends, and also will likely never go back. PLEASE tell me there’s a way to re-install “Scramble”???

  9. espeegee says:

    The change was working quite well until today, I have played the same round 5 times without it saving the score, all the people and games I was playing just vanished. I deleted and reinstalled it, it opens then immediately crashes. Not good. Have Zynga attempted to answer all these issues?

  10. Mt says:

    My game freezes every single time now. I can’t get through one game. I agree with those that want scramble back. Word Streak has too many issues. The whole idea is to beat your opponents until the final round and earn more tickets…. I can’t do that now as it crashes every single time!!!! Frustrating for sure!!!!!

  11. Ktg says:

    Scramble was so much better in every way – my games freeze – if I’m taking part in a tournament (which is the only thing I like about the update), I sometimes score “0” due to screen freezing! It’s slow & eats into my time, the graphics aren’t so good. The daily spinner doesn’t work, I have deleted it & reinstalled but still having issues 🙁 please revert back or give us the option to choose which version we want to play instead of making it complusory to “upgrade?” To an inferior game!

  12. Steve Hoog says:

    The simple update and change to Streak was at least functional. I had it for 3 weeks with no functioning problems, though the look sucked. But, since an Android pushed update about a week ago it won’t even open.

  13. Jan Stone says:

    I hate the new word streak. First problem was my iPad is constantly full due to too many photos and so I couldn’t update due to lack of space. There was no option to keep playing without upgrading or most people would just keep it going as it was. So I had to put the new version on my phone which plays ok but what a boring look after the beautiful rich colours we had before. Besides which I like to play games on my iPad not the phone. You feel like something has been stolen from you. So if anyone is listening, please bring back the real scramble. It just isn’t the same any more. ….and we were all having so much fun.

  14. Amberraven says:

    Glitches are too numerous to count. Freezing. Crashing. Chat messages don’t show up. Tokens stop coming. I hate the design. No one ever fixes anything. Are there any other games out there we can switch to?

  15. Jennifer says:

    I wasn’t noticing many issues on my iPhone, but just switched to an android. I started with the free version and am hating it. The letters bounce around and stick when I’m trying to make words, so my speed is greatly reduced. Is this a difference between ios and android or is it just because of having the free version? I used to really enjoy this game, but I can’t play it now because it’s too frustrating.

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