Google Glass is back in Business with a new Design


Google Glass as we knew it got put into “reboot” mode back in January, but several rumors have surfaced about Google Glass 2.0 since that time. A new report says the device is rolling out for testing, and that it’s geared towards the business side of things instead of consumers.

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Google Glass 2.0 or Google Glass Enterprise Edition if you prefer, will see a design change that goes says goodbye to the frame and replaces it with a button-and-hinge setup. This allows it to be attached to different glasses, and will feature a larger field of vision and better battery life. It’s also rumored to be water-resistant and sturdier than the previous version, something you’ll want if you’re working in particular fields.

When will Google Glass 2.0 make an appearance? It could hit the business sector by the end of 2015, but you shouldn’t hold your breath for a consumer version this year. The current version is said to be in testing and as it’s aimed towards industries like manufacturing and health care, the consumer version will likely be quite different what we’ll see later this year.

We have no doubt that Google Glass Enterprise will find a home with businesses across the globe as the technology is a perfect fit for some industries. With Virtual and Augmented Reality on the rise, a consumer version of Glass may need to marry several technologies together to strike the right chord with consumers.

What would you like to see from a consumer version of Google Glass?

via – The Verge     source: WSJ


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