Samsung Gear S2 price in Europe is revealed


Samsung finally unveiled the Samsung Gear S2 last week during IFA, and it’s safe to say folks are interested. The Samsung Gear S2 price and availability weren’t announced at the big show, but today we have learned a bit more about how much it may cost.

Whenever a hot new gadget is released, it’s generally pricey and Samsung isn’t known for putting low price-tags on their wearables. That said, the Samsung Gear S2 could be their first smartwatch that deserves the price it arrives with, and the Samsung Gear S2 price may have just been revealed for Germany.

The Samsung Gear S2 has shown up on Saturn.de, and along with it comes prices on two different models. The futuristic looking version of the Samsung Gear S2 will set you back €379 and is set to roll out in October while the Gear S2 Classic price is listed at €449. It’s set to arrive in October as well, but the proverbial hat hasn’t been tipped on the Gear S2 3G price or release date.

You’ll want to keep in mind, the Samsung Gear S2 prices shown are for Germany, so there could be a little wiggle room on the price depending on where you reside. You can also expect the 3G variant to be around €100 more than the regular versions as that’s generally the case with the cellular variants.

Would you be interested in the Samsung Gear S2 for the prices listed?

via – Phonearena     source: Saturn.de


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