FIFA 16 Android download available, compatibility problems


Many readers have been waiting for the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team app to arrive, and yesterday we reported that it had arrived on the App Store for iOS devices. At that time the FIFA 16 UT Android app had not appeared on the Google Play Store and this was causing a fair amount of frustration. Today we’re pleased to say that the FIFA 16 Android Ultimate Team app can be downloaded now, although there appear to be some compatibility problems.

We received many comments and emails from readers yesterday about the app not releasing on Google Play, so first thing today we checked and it is now there. If you simply search for FIFA 16 you see other apps but have to scroll further down the page to find the Ultimate Team for Android app. Therefore some eager players haven’t yet spotted that the app is now available to download.

You will be able to find it more easily under its full title, but for your convenience FIFA 16 Ultimate Team for Android is at this Google Play page. It’s a free app with in-app purchases available and you’ll need 1.4GB of space on your device to install it. The app description says that it’s compatible with devices running Android 4.4 or later but also says,

“FIFA 16 Ultimate Team works best on Motorola Nexus 6, HTC Nexus 9, HTC M8, Asus Nexus 7 2nd Gen, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Sony Ericsson Xperia Z2 Tablet, Sony Ericsson Xperia Z3, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC Nexus 4, LG G2. “

Therefore if your device is not one of the above it may not support this app, even though EA Sports simply says it “works best” rather than not at all. Some people have noted problems with the FIFA 16 Android app on the LG G2 and LG G3, as reported by Product Reviews. This is despite the fact that the LG G2 is on the list of devices that are compatible, and the G3 is a later device.

Others have reported issues with the FIFA 16 Android app on other devices including the Moto G LTE, LG G Flex, Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy A5, Samsung Galaxy Avant, Lenovo K3 Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, HTC One M7, Sony Xperia Z4, and more. Another thing to point out is that at least one person says that it’s not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4 although that’s also on the “works best” list from EA Sports.

The list of devices reported to be having compatibility problems with FIFA 16 UT seems to be growing, and we’d like to hear from readers. Are you pleased to hear that the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Android app is now available to download? Maybe you’re one of those who are having issues with compatibility on your device, in which case why not let us know and share your experiences with other readers.


174 thoughts on “FIFA 16 Android download available, compatibility problems”

  1. Muntasir says:

    I’m surprised it’s compatible with LG G2 but not compatible with LG G3? According to the description given, it works on Android 4.4 or later and I have Android 5.0 but still it says my device isn’t compatible.

  2. Smqkmj says:

    It says that it is compatible with Nexus 7 second gen which I have and it’s updated to the latest version of Android (in the description) then on the top where the download button is it says your device is not compatible with this app. Please help someone.

  3. Yonda Skywalker says:

    Not compatible with LG 8.3 GPad.
    I think that tomorrow which is the paneuropean launch it will work.
    Besides on that dowload page on play store it says only 1 has downloaded the game.

  4. Faiz Lancer says:

    I always wait for the fifa 16…but after the fifa 16 launch they just work best with another phone..the problem is i wear a samsung galasxy a5 and its not one of the ‘work best’ phone…im so sad

  5. Sagar Kalra says:

    I have Nitro A311, 1.7 ghz octacore processor,16 gb internal storage and 2 gb of ram. What the hell EA wants more? And most shocking news is that it is compatible in Intex trend 2.

  6. Sibel Pekic says:

    this is the dumbest thing ever, i have a htc one m7, its has the same characteristics as half of the phones and it says it is not compatible with my device

  7. Raghav says:

    Goddamit I have a lenovo yoga 8 and it says not compatible !!!!!! They have put up like 10 phone brands wtf!!!!!! Who on earth even has these phones?????? 10000 ppl ? What about the rest 100 million of us!

  8. mayank gupta says:

    Not compatible with samsung tab…. wha the hell EA is doing this is the game everybody loves and they have made it for some limited phones. Pissed off.

  9. Sean says:

    EA you ruined my life. I waited 3 months for this game and I couldn’t sleep for the previous 2 nights, I was that excited. When I found out my HTC Desire 510 was not compatible, my heart sank. I have even heard other gaming companies say that the game isn’t as hard to run as EA make it look, and that some lower end devices should be able to run the game, which is basically typical EA. What made it even more disappointing is that the Fifa 15 update for lower end devices has hardly any changes. In the app store EA said that there are 34 real stadiums, which on the transfer market, looks true. But the majority of these ‘stadium’ cards, e.g. O Dromo, Eastpoint arena, e.t.c, direct you to crown lane stadium in game. EA, I JUST WANT TO TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE BROKEN A LOT OF PEOPLES HEARTS!!! 🙁

  10. saugat pant says:

    spoofed my mobile (make it show as galaxy s5) as i have root access and then downloaded it using apk downloader, a chrome extension, and now it works fine on my lg g2.

    1. Mazin says:

      On your HTC desire 816g? U kidding me?
      I hav d same phone, it’s nt compatible on mine. Do u hav desire 816g or 816? Or did u install Sm custom Rom? Which android version do u hav???

    1. David Larsen says:

      Pretty ridiculous if you ask me, i cant see why this isnt compatible with the A5 , i downloaded the fifa 15 update and its fine, and if the s4 and s5 is compatible then why is the a5 not?

  11. Uday says:

    I too have a Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 (android version: 5.0.1) and it says on Google Play Store on the FIFA 16 page (which i opened using your link) that your device is not compatible with this version maybe it’s only compatible with GT-I9505.

  12. why says:

    im so mad that this game is not compatible with my latest samsung phone which is a note 5. i have waited for this game for like a half a year and EA has disappointed me. please make this compatible for note 5. as much as i love to play fifa on my android i cant change my phone everytime with a new game.

  13. Atharva Kale says:

    It’s compatible with my Samsung Galaxy s4 MINI which was launched more than 4 years ago but it is not compatible with my Redmi Note 4g which was released 1 year ago and also my IPad 3

  14. Vineet Saddi says:

    Please let is download fifa 16 on Samsung galaxy s4 I cant see this in Google play
    And even I I found it I says “your device is not compatable with fifa 16 ut

  15. Hardrock Metalcore Grungebiss says:

    Really! is this happening for real?? waited so long for fifa 16 , but when it came out i couldn’t download due to compatibility issue with my galaxy note 5. Again after the first update arrived, it is still the same! what the f**k is wrong with EA!???

  16. ALAN JO K says:

    fifa 16 ut can be downloaded from aptoide appstore , but it didnt work perfectly for my tablet – Prestigio Multipad 4 with 1gb ram,quad core processor ,mali400,16gb storage. It would open and when i start the match , the screen is black , its maybe due to the graphics .

  17. Pacman Pacmano says:

    I have a samsung galaxy s4 and it is not compatible.
    I know it is compatible with the i9505 but the problem is that mine is i9500.
    Probably the next update will make it compatible with i9500 too.

  18. Alexis Gonzalez says:

    Totally bullshit it doesn’t work on my HTC m9 come. On its a fuckin expensive phone and it’s not compatible it’s stupid how come it does work with the m8 Please fix this bullshit

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