Samsung Galaxy S7 release could arrive with Synaptics ClearForce tech


It’s common to see smartphone manufacturers “borrow” from each other and you can’t throw a rock without hitting an Android smartphone that looks like the iPhone these days. One of the big features for the iPhone 6s is 3D Touch, and a new report suggests Sammy will take a page from Apple’s playbook for the Samsung Galaxy S7 release.

Apple impressed the world with its big new iPhone last year, and while they largely kept things the same in 2015, the company’s 3D Touch technology is the big draw. It’s something not available on Android devices at this time, but that may change next year. A new report from Weibo says Samsung will utilize a similar feature for the Samsung Galaxy S7 release and it will come in the form of ClearForce technology.

Synaptics is rumored to be partnering with Samsung for the use of ClearForce on its next flagship, and it’s something you may have heard about before today. The technology is said to arrive with the Huawei Mate S, but that device won’t hit the streets until 2016. While not many people have had the opportunity to go hands-on with the tech, it will work in a similar fashion to 3D Touch but with additional features like variable speed scrolling and gaming control.

We are still a long ways out from seeing the Samsung Galaxy S7 release, but if we we’re going to bet, our money would be on ClearForce being used in Sammy’s next flagship. The company stepped it up in the design department this year and will need to keep the ball rolling in 2016, so hardware and new features should be at the forefront.

via – Phonearena    source: Weibo


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