The ChefCharger Coaster saves tables and charges your phone


If you have been around long enough, you have probably left a drink ring on a table or two. A coaster will easily take care of the issue, but they are oh so easy to forget. The ChefCharger coaster may soon change that as it’s a coaster that can save your table while charging up your favorite mobile device.

One of the reasons mobile devices are so popular lies with their namesake — they’re mobile. While it’s great to be able to hit the town with your smartphone or tablet, running out of juice is never fun. That’s where the ChefCharger coaster can step in as it’s designed for restaurants and businesses that cater to a tech savvy crowd.

The ChefCharger coaster looks like a simple, but well-made coaster that you would find in a restaurant or pub. As you’d expect, they are waterproof and look like they can handle a tall pint, soda or whatever beverage that winds up on it. Wound around the outside of the coaster you’ll find a power cable for charging while the inside holds the battery. We’re unsure of the size, but it’s said to be able to charge up two iPhone’s without needing a recharge.

Coasters are one of those items that tend to “walk off” on their own, especially if they reside in establishments that serve alcohol. Well, that won’t be an issue for the ChefCharger coaster as they actually have GPS modules inside. Businesses will also be able to get their own custom logo engraved on the bamboo, but you’re out of luck if you’re a regular Joe as the coasters are only available to businesses at the moment.

As cool as the ChefCharger coasters are, they won’t be cheap. A set of 5 will cost you $300, but that isn’t as expensive as their charging metal candle holders that run $800 for a set of 8. If you’re interested in the ChefCharger coaster for your establishment, you can find out more information at the link below.


via – BGR


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