Turn your TV into a Chromebox with the $85 Chromebit


The prices on computers have drastically changed over the years, and you can now buy a PC in many crazy shapes and sizes. The Chromebit certainly falls into the oddly shaped category, and it’s just been released at the low price of only $85.

Streaming dongles have come a long way in a very short time, especially since the Chromecast burst onto the scene. Since that time, numerous companies have put out their own streaming stick and we’ve seen more set-top boxes than you can shake a stick at. We have also seen several portable PC’s come into play through those tiny contraptions, and Asus has teamed up with Google for the latest on with the Chromebit.

Have an HDMI port on an old TV or monitor? If so, the Chromebit may be just the thing for you as it allows you to turn those displays into something more. The streaming stick plugs into the back our your television set just like a Chromecast, but that’s where the similarities end. The Chromebit packs 16GB of internal storage and 2GB of RAM along with a quad-core Rockchip processor. That tech will magically turn your monitor into a Chrome-based PC, and it’s price is going to make it an attractive option across the board.

While the Chrome OS isn’t for everyone, being able to pop a stick into the back of a TV to have a PC anywhere is something a lot of folks can get behind. It obviously won’t perform like a Mac or Windows machine, but it’s not mean to as it’s a simple solution if you need to access the web on a larger screen. The Chromebit will be available through a variety of retailers in the US and abroad with a price tag of $85 if you’re looking to pick one up.


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