LG K4 outed in official K10 and K7 video


Every now and then we hear of new smartphones that we hadn’t heard many leaks about, and that happened with the recently announced LG K7 and LG K10. They were officially announced early this month and will release to various markets at some point in Q1. Now another in LG’s new K series has emerged, as the LG K4 has been outed in an official K10 and K7 video.

The LG K7 and K10 are aimed at being mid-range smartphones with decent camera capabilities at affordable prices, and LG made the specs official just before CES 2016 kicked off. You can see more on these two smartphones in our launch post about them. Now LG has posted an official video for the K7 and K10 on YouTube, and there’s an interesting giveaway right at the end.

The short video is titled “LG K10 and K7: Official Product Video,” and as you would expect it shows off some of the features offered with these devices. The promo appears to target the phones at the younger audience and concentrates on the selfie aspect of these handsets. Right at the finish there’s an extra surprise with an image showing the full LG K Series lineup. Here we see not only the LG K7 and LG K10, but also an LG K4, and you can check out the video below this article.

LG hasn’t announced any other details on the LG K4 yet, including the specs, but it’s shown as being smaller than the K7 and K10 that have respective display sizes of 5-inches and 5.3-inches. From what we know of the other two we imagine the LG K4 will have lower-end specifications and a budget price.

As an indicator the LG K10 releases in Korea tomorrow. It’s the most superior of the three that we now know are in the K Series line, and it has a price equivalent to around $165. Like the K7 and K10 we expect the LG K4 to release across global markets. Now we know about its existence we hope to hear official details of this new LG smartphone soon.

What do you think so far about LG’s new K Series phones? Are you surprised to learn that as well as the K7 and K10, an LG K4 is also on the way?

Source: LG (YouTube)


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