Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release will hit the UK sans the Galaxy S7 Edge Plus


Last year, Samsung irked customers across the globe when they made some changes to their flagship line and excluded an important region. The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release will fix one of those problems as it’s tipped to be headed to the UK this year.

Samsung switched things up with the Samsung Galaxy S6 design last year, and we got four flagship handsets in that line. Well most of us did, as consumers in the UK didn’t see the Galaxy Note 5 as the company decided they would be better served with the Edge Plus. A new report suggests they are going to reverse course in 2016 with the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, but their choice will be just as puzzling as last year.

According to ye old rumor mill, Samsung will bring the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release to the UK next year, but it’s going to come at the expense of another handset. That device will be the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus, so consumers will be able to get a phablet-sized device from Samsung, just not one with an edge. The move will no doubt please folks that missed the Note last year while irritating those that want a large edged display… another odd choice.

If Samsung kills the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus in the UK next year, you’re going to hear a similar amount of complaining even with the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release for the region. As we expect to see some interesting choices from HTC and LG this year, it could cost the company some sales if they can’t release the same flagships in the UK as we see in the states and other locales.

Will you be disappointed if the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus doesn’t come to the UK?

source:  Techradar,   Forbes


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