iPhone 7 features may include Digital Home Button


It remains to be seen what Apple will unveil with the iPhone 7 release later this year, but the rumors have been running rampant of late. One of the latest hints towards a waterproof future for the device, but it may be getting a new home button as well.

Only the minds at Apple know what is in store for us when the iPhone 7 launches, and we have a long ways to go before we’ll be able to get our mitts on the unannounced handset. As you’d expect, there have been hundreds of rumors circulating about the device since last year, and some are far more credible than others. Today’s rumor is one you’ll want to file in the “unlikely” category as it hints at a major change in the iPhone 7 design.

DigiTimes is reporting that Apple is working on a digital touch-sensitive home button for the iPhone 7. That would essentially mean goodbye to the home button fans have gotten to know so well, as we can’t imagine them ever bringing it back if this particular change pans out. This would also allow the company to add some water-resistance to the iPhone 7, something plenty of consumers would be thrilled about. It’s done wonders for Sammy and others, and it’s definitely a feature we would like to see become standard on all handsets down the line.

While we’re not going to rehash all the previous iPhone 7 rumors we’ve come across this year, today’s is one of the more interesting ones even if we find it highly unlikely. A digital home button would be unique, but we have a feeling too many consumers would miss their clicky button. That said, plenty of folks would more than likely be ok with the switch if it means additional protection from the elements.

What types of features would you like to see when the iPhone 7 launches later this year?

via — MacRumors    source: DigiTimes


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