Popular Dark Sky app finally arrives on Google Play


Want to keep up with the weather on your mobile? There’s an app for that, actually there are thousands. One has stood head and shoulders above the rest for folks on iOS, and today the Dark Sky app has finally arrived in the Google Play store.

The Dark Sky app is billed as the go-to source for “hyperlocal” weather information. That means you can get extremely detailed information on the weather at your exact location, not just the surrounding area. That is better than you get on your local forecast with the nightly news, as they don’t tell you if it’s raining two blocks down the road or if there’s a 60% chance your back yard will be wet at noon.

Dark Sky Android

When Dark Sky for Android learns your location you can see your daily and weekly forecast along with a map and the ability to submit weather data. Everything is easy to navigate, and you get all those features for free. If you want to pony up for the Premium version of Dark Sky, you will get access to the Alert system which allows you to set up customizable notifications for different types of weather. You’ll also get a variety of widgets, daily summaries, and down-to-the-minute forecasts of your exact location.

If you need to stay in the loop on the weather no matter where you are at any given moment, the Dark Sky app is one you will want to consider. The app is free to download with the aforementioned features, but you’ll need to pony up $2.99 per year if you want to go Premium. You will get a two-week trial, but the subscription-based model has already come under fire from Android aficionados.

Dark Sky for Android


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