Xiaomi will show off their first VR Headset on August 1st


Not a month goes by that we don’t hear a bit of mobile VR news, and July has been no different. Today Xiaomi is in the news for their VR plans as the company is set to unveil their first headset very soon.

Most major manufacturers have jumped on the VR bandwagon. While Sammy kicked things off along with Cardboard on the mobile front, dozens of companies now have their own version of a VR headset. A few days back we told you about the new Gear VR which will debut soon, and now we’re going to touch on the upcoming Xiaomi VR headset.

Xiaomi loves teasers, and when they aren’t busy releasing new smartphones, they are teasing them. The company has been busy lately, and that will continue as they are going to show off their VR headset on August 1st. Unlike the Gear VR and other upcoming headsets, we have next to nothing to go on with Xiaomi VR venture. It’s going to be similar to the Gear and cardboard whereas you’ll need to use a smartphone, but it remains to be seen whether it will be universal (to a degree) or just work with their handsets.

We have yet to see anything new and exciting with mobile VR gear this year. That could change soon with the revamped and very cool looking Black Gear VR and products like the Xiaomi VR headset. It will be interesting to see how these new accessories work with Google’s Daydream platform as well, something we’ll find out firsthand soon enough.


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