Hot Deal Alert: Verizon Offers up to $300 Discount if You Trade-In an Old Smartphone for a Moto Z Droid, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or A Galaxy S7


If you want to change your not so old device for a brand new flagship, today’s a good day for you, because Verizon offers a discount of up to three hundred bucks for a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Note 5, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge,Moto Z Force Droid or a Moto Z Droid if you trade in your old droid/iPhone for a brand new one. Verizon had a similar offer in the past, about two months ago, but the LG G5 and the HTC 10 from the previous deal were dropped in favor of newer and better droids.

If you’re an existing or a brand new Verizon customer, you can benefit from this offer (while it lasts at least) if you’re ready to surrender your old smartphone and pick a brand new one, but there’s a flip-side to that coin. The idea is that you’ll have to select 1 of the eligible smartphones and to make a deal for monthly payments, but there’s a but. Verizon will only accept  one of the following devices for a trade in, meaning that you can’t trade in your old Nokia 5110: iPhone 6, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Note 5, HTC M9,  LG V10 or LG G4 and nothing else.

Also, if you’re well versed in legalese, you’ll notice the “up to $300” discount thingy. The idea is that there’s no guarantee on what Verizon will give you for your old droid, the $300 is just the best case scenario. Keep in mind that your trade-in smartphone must look good and it needs to work properly, although(and that’s very strange) Verizon will accept a smartphone with a cracked display if you will opt for a Droid device. Let me quote directly from “the Man”: “new customers will receive a VZW electronic gift card within 2 weeks and existing customers will receive an account credit in 1-2 billing cycles.”

The monthly payments will be anywhere from $26 for the Moto Z Droid and up to $36/month if you’ll choose a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Check out the link and thank me later. In my humble opinion, the best deal would be a G4 for a Note 7, what do you think?

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