Charter and Verizon team up for Mobile service


Well, that didn’t take long. We recently told you about Comcast’s plans to get into the wireless business, and now it appears they will have some competition. Charter is hopping on the wireless bandwagon as well, and you may be surprised by who they will lease their airtime from.

If you live in the United States, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are the main choices when it comes to wireless service. Then you have the second tier with companies like US Cellular and others, which are great but don’t quite provide the same coverage or services. While we aren’t sure where Comcast will fit into things, Charter will join them and they will both get their airtime from Big Red.

Like Comcast, Charters new mobile offerings will come through Verizon and the cable provider will use their built-in hotspots on their network. When you are away from home, the service will switch over to Verizon… just like with Comcast. While we believe they are in for an uphill battle, their CEO believes otherwise. Their approach will be a bit different however as they hope to increase their cable user base by offering wireless whereas Comcast just wants to offer another service for their bundles.

With consumers using more data than ever these days, we knew the cable companies and other providers would eventually attempt to move into the mobile space. We’re as curious as anyone to see how this plays out, and now that another player has entered the game, pricing may get more competitive when the new plans roll out.

Are you interested in bundling wireless service from Comcast or Charter or would you prefer to go through a wireless provider?

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