Samsung Washing Machine recall could be next due to Explosions


Well, that’s not good. Amid the news of the Galaxy Note 7 going back on the market, Samsung has another problem on their hands. Do you own a Samsung Washing Machine? If so you will want to keep on reading…

Samsung makes a lot of products outside the smartphone world, and they have really amped up their smart home lineup over the past few years. Plenty of homes have a Samsung Washing Machine, but some folks may be looking for a new brand shortly. Samsung Washing Machine explosions are now a topic of debate, and before you shake your head, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is already investigating the issue.

A class-action lawsuit was filed around a month ago on behalf of consumers that have had issues with exploding Samsung Washing Machines. One line stood out to us as a woman claims the washer exploded with enough force that it “penetrated” the interior wall. We are going to assume nobody was injured, but that the damage was quite severe.

The issue is reported to happen in “rare cases” on affected washers that could experience abnormal vibrations that could cause a risk of “personal injury or property damage” when used with certain items. Those items include bedding or any bulky items… basically the stuff you wash weekly without a care in the world. Until now that is.

While plenty of people were up in arms over the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall, those suckers only cost around 700 bucks. Sammy’s smart washers are in the thousands, with some clocking it at the price of a decent used car. Needless to say, we imagine folks are more than a little perturbed when their Samsung Washing Machine flies through the wall.

Currently, Samsung and the CPSC are looking into the issue, but no Samsung Washing Machine recall has been issued at this time. Affected units are said to be manufactured between March 2011 and April 2016, but you can check online to see if your appliance could be affected.

What do you think about Samsung’s latest issue with quality control?



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