Hot Deal Alert: Get a Samsung EVO 128GB microSD card for just $32,90


I know what you’re thinking, I already wrote a similar article in the past about the Samsung EVO 128GB microSD card, but today’s deal is even better, contradicting that old saying about “the new boss is the same as the old boss”. At $32,90 the Samsung EVO 128GB  microSD card just reached its lowest ever price tag and if you think you can get a better deal, keep dreaming.

Now, if your smartphone/digital camera/whatever requires a lot of extra storage space, you may be interested in today’s rather awesome deal, as for $32,90 you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck. The Samsung EVO 128GB  is a class 10 micro SDXC and it offers blazing fast speeds, a lot of storage capacity for the price asked and since it’s a Samsung made memory, it’s arguably the best in the world. The retail package also contains an adapter for your DSLR or your laptop, or any type of gear for that matter which requires a full-sized SD slot.

If you’re wondering why is Sammy so generous with us, consumers, well, in the Digital Era new products age very fast, and the aging process is more like vinegar as opposed to wine, meaning that as they get old (the technologies I mean), their prices drop rather steeply. Obviously, I’m not complaining about cheap gear, I’m just saying, there’s no trick into play here, no fine print to sign in blood, i.e. this is not a fugazzi but the real deal (I am aware of the fact that the market is rife with fakes).

As the micro SD prices are falling, capacities, speeds and reliability are improving and now is the best moment to get yourself a spanking new  Samsung EVO 128GB for the lowest price possible. Just click on the source link below and prepare to be happy.

source: Amazon


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