Garmin vivofit jr. Hits the Shelves Boasting Proprietary Android App


The latest and greatest Garmin vivofit jr. was announced officially just a few days ago and today it has become available online. The lowercase vivofit jr. thingy signifies that the new Garmin-signed wearable is aimed at kids. Just looking at it, it definitely strikes me as a very neat piece of gear and considering the tech specs and the price asked, it sounds like a pretty good deal in this writer’s opinion. Of course, if you’re a kid.

According to the manufacturer, this wearable is water resistant , durable and very comfy, whilst the battery life is supposed to offer its owner over a year of autonomy. Now, it all depends upon how much you’re playing with it, and truth be told, the Garmin vivofit jr.  has a lot to offer. Being a fitness tracker aimed at fat kids obviously (just kidding), the Garmin vivofit jr.  monitors lots of things, like the child’s sleep, steps and overall activity (if any).

The Garmin vivofit jr.  also comes with its own specially developed Android app. Obviously, the app is free (sort of, because you’ll have to pay for the fitness tracker unfortunately) and it boasts a bunch of innovative features, at least according to Garmin. For example, let’s talk a little bit about the mobile adventure trail, which is one of the Garmin vivofit jr. ‘s highlights, providing the parents with all sorts of useful info about their kid, allowing them to set up goals, responsibilities and unlocking achievements, together with tracking everything about their offspring.

Now, setting goals and tasks is one thing, while enforcing them is a completely different business. However, the Garmin vivofit jr.  looks pretty cool and it comes loaded with a ton of features. At $79,99 is not very expensive and it’s currently available at Best Buy and Target in various colorways, the likes of Purple Strike, Digi Camo, Black, Broken Lava and Real Flower.

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