New Pokemon GO update includes Catch Bonus and Training tweaks


Niantic has been hinting at a new Pokemon GO update for several weeks now, and today they delivered. The new update is going to make it easier to snag those critters out in the wild, and there are plenty of other tweaks as well.

The biggest change in the new Pokemon GO update would be the Catch Bonus for most folks. As the name implies, you will get a “bonus” for each type of Pokemon you catch in the wild. The Pokemon GO Catch Bonus XP goes towards Medals, which in turn makes catching specific types of creatures easier. If you catch a ton of Water Pokemon in Pokemon GO, then they become even easier to catch going forward. While not confirmed, there are said to be easier to catch overall, which is something nobody is going to complain about.

In addition to the Pokemon GO Catch Bonus, users will also experience improved Gym Training. Whenever you get to your preferred Pokemon GO Gym location, you can take six Pokémon to battle although the CP may be adjusted for the session. The Egg and Incubator screens have been updated as well with the distance walked so you no longer have to close and reopen that screen. Pokemon GO Evolution animation times have also been decreased, another small but nice bonus. Throw in some audio tweaks and the usual bug squishes and you’ve just met the newest update for Pokemon GO.

The Pokemon Go update is ready to roll for Android and iOS devices if you’re ready to give it a spin. It’s meaty enough to entice some gamers to come back as well although folks looking for Pokemon GO for Windows Phone are still unfortunately out of luck.



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