Nintendo Switch revealed to be the Nintendo NX and its Awesome


There has been plenty of buzz surrounding Nintendo’s next console, which had been known by Nintendo NX. Well, the company has finally pulled back the curtain on the Nintendo Switch today, and it’s one of the wilder consoles we’ve seen.

The tech world is filled full of funky contraptions, and plenty of them never see the light of day. We had heard all kinds of rumors on the Nintendo NX, and it appears as if some of them were true. Today, the Nintendo Switch is official although it’s safe to say it isn’t quite what expected. It’s actually more than we hoped for and something you’ll want to pay close attention to if you dig mobile gaming and Nintendo.

nintendo switch

As the previous rumors implies, Nintendo Switch is indeed a hybrid console. It’s built to be used in the comfort of your home…or out on the road thanks to several cool features. The first of those is a tablet that measures 7-inches. You slide it into the Nintendo Switch dock when you want to game on the big screen. The system appears to take cartridges as well although we know digital will play a large part in things.

Now for the controller. Nintendo has dubbed it Joy-Con and it can be slide into the tablet or attached to something called the Joy-Con grip for console use. Alternatively, you can used them as two mini gamepads. Unfortunately, we have no idea about the innards as the screen resolution of the slate is unknown and the same can be said of the processor. It will be of the Nvidia variety, but that’s all we know for now.


While it’s great to get a rough idea of the hardware behind the Nintendo Switch, it will all boil down to the games in the end as usual. Nintendo hasn’t announced any new partnerships, but you can see several games being played in the teaser. Mario, NBA 2K17 and Skyrim were shown and you can be the usual developers will be on board when it’s time to unleash the new Nintendo Switch games.

At the moment, we have far more questions than answers for the Nintendo Switch release. The Nintendo Switch price and initial availability are very much up in the air, but it will see a global rollout sooner than expected. Barring any setbacks, the Nintendo Switch release date will arrive in March 2017, and you can bet the farm we will have plenty of info to pour over in the coming months ahead.


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