ROBORanger launched as a Personal Alarm System


Crowdfunded tech is a popular way to go if you are a gadget junkie, and there’s a new piece of gear you may want to check out if personal safety is on your mind. The ROBORanger is an alarm that won’t break the bank but will send help your way.

If you watch the news, you know the world can be a dangerous place. If you are concerned about your personal security but don’t want to go “Dirty Harry” there are plenty of gadgets to choose from… like Stun Guns. Too much for you? Well, that’s where devices like the ROBORanger can lend a hand as it’s small, non-lethal, and should definitely get people’s attention.

The ROBORanger is a 2-in-1 gadget as it is a portable alarm, but one with a lifeline of sorts. When you are in need of assistance or feel some stranger danger coming your way, you simply need to pull the “pin” to active. This will send a 130-decibal surprise towards your foes while also sending out an SOS to a 911 response team in your locale. It has its own GSM card and a GPS module to ensure you can be tracked. Additional alert contacts can be added and that alarm will scream for 30 minutes to boot.


Most personal safety services of this nature come with a cost and the ROBORanger is no different. The gadget will come with free service for one year, but after that you will need to pay $79 per year for the emergency response service. That said, the service is monitored by an alert team that is active 24/7 and can vet false alarms before contacting emergency services or the police.

The folks at TeamROBO are seeking funding through Kickstarter for the ROBORanger personal security alarm. They have almost hit their funding goal of $25,000 with a hair over $20k raised at the time of this writing. There are still 17 days left on the clocks, which is plenty of time to help get this one past the limit.

ROBORanger will be released in July of 2017 and there are still Early Bird spots left at $79 if you’re looking to scoop one up. The service is only good in the U.S. and Canada, but that 130-siren will work anywhere in the world.



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